Israel’s patience with Iran is running out, Israeli Foreign Minister warns

Israel’s patience with Iran is running out, Israeli Foreign Minister warns

Tel Aviv – Taking advantage of the war in Gaza, Iran has increased arms smuggling to Hezbollah through Syria. Iran is now providing Hezbollah with various types of missiles, drones and air defence systems. Moreover, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has issued a stern warning that this Iranian weapon smuggling is a clear violation of the rules of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and the Security Council should take action against it. Also, Katz further warned that their patience with the activities of Iran and Hezbollah against Israel is coming to an end, and Israel reserves the right to take necessary steps for the safety of its people.

Israel's patience with Iran is running outAt a recent security meeting in Munich, Foreign Minister Katz drew the international community’s attention to the Iranian threat. Besides, the Israeli Foreign Minister said that Iran is now very close to making a nuclear bomb. At the same time, Katz has accused Iran’s terrorism of being a threat to the Gulf countries, including Israel, and global security. After returning to his country, the Israeli Foreign Minister sent a letter to the UNSC on this issue. Furthermore, this letter has sparked discussions in Israeli news channels and other media.

Israel's patience with Iran is running outForeign Minister Israel Katz said in a letter to the Security Council, ‘Over the past months, while Israel is engaged in an ongoing armed conflict on numerous fronts, Iran is accelerating the pace of its weapons transfers to Hezbollah. Iran is doing so by ground, as well as by air and sea.’ Additionally, Katz has accused Hezbollah of smuggling the Shahed 101, Shahed 136 type drones, Ababeel missiles and 358 anti-aircraft missiles along with the air defence system. 

Apart from this, Katz has sent complete information about when and on which day Iran smuggled weapons to Hezbollah to the Security Council through this letter. In addition, he also said that the international community and the Lebanese government should pay special attention to ensure that the Hezbollah terrorists cannot use these weapons provided by Iran against Israel. Nevertheless, the Israeli Foreign Minister has warned that if a rocket or missile attack is launched on Israel from the Lebanese border, the consequences will be severe. Also, the Israeli Foreign Minister took a clear stand that Iran is the head of the snake and political talks will not solve the problem. At the same time, Katz warned that if the Security Council does not take any action against Iran despite the evidence presented, Israel is free to take further action.




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