Egypt-Israel peace deal to end if Palestinians infiltrate Sinai

Egypt warns

Egypt-Israel peace deal to end if Palestinians infiltrate Sinai

Cairo – A large number of Palestinian refugees from Gaza have entered the camp in Rafah, close to the Egyptian border. Egypt is very restless as this influx of Palestinian refugees reaches its border. Besides, the Egyptian Sisi government claims to have warned that if any of these refugees crossed the border and entered the Sinai province of Egypt, it would be understood as the end of the 1979 peace agreement. Meanwhile, reports have been surfacing for the past few days that Israel will now take over the responsibility of military deployment from Egypt for the border security of Rafah.

Egypt-Israel peace deal to end if Palestinians infiltrate SinaiAccording to the Philadelphia Corridor agreement signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979, Israel was given the responsibility of protecting the Rafah border of Gaza to Egypt. For the last 18 years, Egypt has deployed many troops close to the Rafah border. Additionally, Egypt had erected a big wall to prevent the group of Palestinians from crossing this border into their border. However, Israel has taken over most of the reins of security in Gaza in the last few days, and there were claims that Israel will also soon deploy its military close to the Rafah border.

At the same time, Israel has started airstrikes close to the Rafah border. This has led to a large number of Palestinian civilians rapidly reaching closer to the Egyptian border. Palestinian refugees are also demanding that Egypt open the border. Egypt is allowing entry to Palestinian citizens with dual passports. Nonetheless, Egypt has adopted a stance that apart from this, not a single Palestinian should step into their territory.

Moreover, Jordan had adopted the same stand a few weeks ago. Jordan had appealed to Israel to stop the attacks in Gaza. However, Jordan had announced that the Palestinian refugees would not be allowed to enter their country. Palestinian refugees who entered Jordan a few decades ago tried to overthrow Jordan’s government. Thus, Jordan has adopted a tough stance towards Palestinian refugees.




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