US conducts air strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

German destroyer heads toward 'Red Sea'

US conducts air strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

Manama/Sanaa – Yemen’s Houthi rebels have continued to attack cargo ships sailing in the Red Sea. On Wednesday, the Houthis fired rockets in the direction of the US warship. In response, the US targeted Houthi positions in Yemen. The US Central Command, or CENTCOM, has announced that the US has carried out 44 attacks on Houthis since last Saturday. Meanwhile, a German destroyer has left to join the campaign against Houthis in the Red Sea. German destroyers will assist the US and UK navies as part of the European Union’s mission. Due to this, European countries seem to be increasing their contribution to the conflict of the ‘Red Sea’.US air strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen

The US’s intelligence agency has warned of an increase in the weapons Houthis are receiving from Iran. In a report released by the ‘Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)’, the intelligence agency of the US armed forces, it has been said that Houthi rebels are using weapons made by Iran to carry out attacks in the Red Sea. Since the third week of November, the Houthis have attacked more than 40 foreign ships and destroyers in this maritime area. The ‘DIA’ claimed that the rockets and missiles used by Houthi for the attacks were made by Iran.

The Houthis also attacked foreign ships travelling in the Red Sea on Wednesday. However, US and UK destroyers deployed in this area foiled these attacks. US air strikes on Houthi positions in YemenAfter this, CENTCOM provided information about US fighter planes flying from the US aircraft carrier deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, attacking Houthi positions in Yemen. CENTCOM claims to have destroyed three launchers of Houthi anti-ship cruise missiles ready to attack ships and destroyers in the Red Sea.

The European Union announced a new deployment to protect maritime traffic in the Red Sea and intensify ongoing attacks on Houthi rebels. Germany’s ‘Hessen’ destroyer left for the Red Sea on Thursday. This destroyer will be deployed in the Red Sea with 240 soldiers for the EU’s operations in the ‘Red Sea’. The Hessen destroyers are equipped with air defence systems. For the Red Sea campaign, a special meeting of foreign ministers of European Union member countries was organized on 19 February. Seven EU countries have indicated deploying fighter aircraft or destroyers to protect merchant ships travelling through the Red Sea. For this reason, European countries are seen becoming active in this maritime area after the US and the UK.

Due to the surge in attacks by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, European media are claiming that the US, the UK and European countries are stepping up their deployment in the region.US air strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen The Houthis have already created a barrier to Asia-Europe trade by targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea. Due to these Houthi attacks, the supply chain has been disrupted, and it has been warned that inflation may rise in European countries if this situation continues. In such a situation, Western analysts claim that the Houthi target is the network of ‘subsea cables’ installed in the sea in this area. Due to this, the connectivity systems of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia may be disrupted, according to analysts.

Meanwhile, analysts in Asia are claiming that Somalian pirates are again trying to increase their influence in the Gulf of Aden due to attacks by Houthi rebels. Analysts are also drawing attention to the fact that since last month, Somalian pirates have been attacking and attempting to hijack foreign ships in the Gulf of Aden.



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