UK and France must deploy ‘nuclear shield’ to protect Europe

German Finance Minister demands

UK and France must deploy ‘nuclear shield’ to protect Europe

Berlin/London/Paris – In view of the warning by former US President Donald Trump, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner demanded that the UK and France deploy a ‘nuclear shield’ for the security of Europe. Previously, Vice-President of the European Parliament and German leader Katarina Barley had also attracted attention to this issue by saying that Europe should have a ‘European nuclear bomb’. Meanwhile, only last month, the US had indicated to deploy advanced B61-12 nuclear bombs on the UK base.

UK and France must deploy 'nuclear shield' to protect EuropeA few days ago, former US President Donald Trump raised the issue of the defence expenditure of European countries and their contribution to NATO. Trump had warned that if the European countries from NATO do not increase their defence spending and contribution to the military alliance, the US will not take responsibility for their security. Even if Russia attacks European countries, we will not look in that direction, Trump had said.

Trump’s statement had received criticism in the US. At the same time, European countries reacted by taking a cautious stance, saying that the statement was a matter of concern. Against this background, a senior leader of Germany’s ruling bloc raising the nuclear security issue, attracts much attention. Germany’s Finance Minister Lindner mentioned Trump’s statement in an article in the German newspaper FAZ.

UK and France must deploy 'nuclear shield' to protect EuropeDue to Trump’s statement, Europe’s security must be considered, Lindner said in this article. ‘In Europe, the UK and France, these two countries possess nuclear weapons, and they are contributing to the security of Europe. However, now these two nuclear countries must expand their cooperation, and steps must be taken towards providing a ‘nuclear shield’ to Europe,’ Lindner appealed.

Germany’s SPD party leader Katarina Barley claimed, ‘ In the future, Europe will not be able to depend on the US for its security completely.’ Barley also raised the alarm by saying that Europe now needs a ‘European atomic bomb’. NATO member UK has 225 nuclear weapons in its inventory, while France has 290 nuclear weapons. Besides, these countries have taken necessary steps to modernize their nuclear capabilities.




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