Houthis shoot US MQ-9 Reaper drone after US destroys undersea drone

reveals US Central Command

Houthis shoot US MQ-9 Reaper drone after US destroys undersea drone

Manama – A report of a US destroyer foiling an undersea drone attack by the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea area has been published. Also, the shocking information that Houthi rebels also have undersea drones in their fleet has come to light for the first time. A few hours later, the Houthis also announced to shoot down the US MQ-9 Reaper drone. It has also been revealed that the Houthi rebels have undersea drones and anti-drone systems to target trade traffic in the Red Sea.

In response to the Israeli military action against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the Yemeni Houthi rebels had launched attacks in the Red Sea region. After US destroyed 'undersea drone', Houthi shot down US's 'MQ-9' Ripper droneIn addition, the Houthi rebels had targeted Israel-based cargo ships in the attacks launched in the Red Sea region since October 23. The Houthi rebels used rockets, missiles and drones for this. After this, information came to light that the Houthis were using unmanned boats filled with explosives to attack US and UK destroyers. For this, Iran was accused of assisting the Houthis.

However, according to the information released by the US Central Command, it has also come to the fore that the Houthi rebels are now equipped with undersea drones. The Houthi rebels launched five attacks in the area of the Red Sea two days ago. Moreover, the Central Command has shared information that the Houthi rebels used three anti-destroyer missiles and unmanned suicide drones for these attacks. The US destroyer took action to thwart the Houthi rebel attacks in self-defence. Also, the Central Command said this will protect the Red Sea’s maritime traffic. After US destroyed 'undersea drone', Houthi shot down US's 'MQ-9' Ripper droneHowever, the information about the presence of undersea drones in the Houthi fleet has raised concerns about the security of trade traffic in this maritime area.

Moreover, the Houthi rebels announced Monday morning that they had shot down the US MQ-9 Reaper drone patrolling the Red Sea area. Houthi rebels from the Hodeidah region of Yemen have claimed to have fired missiles at this US drone. Additionally, the Houthi rebels supported their action by accusing the US of violating Yemen’s sovereignty by sending such drones to spy. Also, Yemeni rebels had shot down a US drone even in the past. US military analysts say this also clarifies that the Houthi rebels have acquired anti-drone technology.

The Red Sea accounts for 15% of the world’s maritime traffic. At the same time, the stability and security of the Red Sea region are of great significance to trade traffic in Asia and Europe. Furthermore, the attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels for the past four months have endangered the security of the region and virtually brought trade traffic to a standstill. In such a situation, US military analysts warn that the use of drones by the US and Houthi rebels is more dangerous for the security of the maritime region.



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