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Russia tests underwater nuclear-capable drone ‘Poseidon’, powerful enough to produce tsunami

Moscow – Russia has initiated testing of the underwater nuclear-capable drone ‘Poseidon’, capable of destroying a fleet of enemy aircraft carriers and the naval-military bases and buildings near the coastline. A few months back, Russian President Vladimir Putin had claimed that no country’s coast was safe from their drone. The drone testing has thus received serious consideration.

The sources connected with the Russian defence manufacturing sector informed a Russian news agency that the testing of the ‘Status-6’ or ‘Poseidon’ underwater drone had commenced. The testing would continue for the next few weeks. Also, the tests are being conducted by using a nuclear-propelled submarine of the Russian Navy. The sources informed that the Russian Navy and Air Force had reinforced the security of the testing grounds. Currently, an experimental model of Poseidon is being tested. On its success, in the next phase, the underwater drone will be tested by equipping it with a nuclear reactor and nuclear warheads.

The underwater drone Poseidon is armed with a nuclear warhead. It also has a miniaturized nuclear reactor which propels the drone to travel great distances. Therefore, Poseidon, armed with a nuclear reactor and a nuclear warhead, is claimed to be the biggest threat to Russia’s enemies. The drone would undergo testing for a period of five years and is proposed for commissioning into the Russian Navy by the year 2027.

This year in March, in a state of the nation address to both the houses of the parliament, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed regarding various missiles, fighter jets, submarines and drones as he discussed Russian preparedness and future wars; the mention had Poseidon in its list as well. The underwater drone equipped with a miniaturized nuclear reactor and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead can be exploded near the enemy coastline. The explosion would cause significant upheaval in the sea resulting in tsunami-like waves capable of destroying the naval bases and other infrastructural facilities near the enemy coastline, the Russian president had informed. However, the Russian Defence Ministry had not published the timeline for the completion of the Poseidon project.

On Tuesday, a Russian news agency published information concerning the timeline for the drone.  Currently, tensions are on the rise between Russia and the United States along with NATO member countries over the Ukraine issue. The movements of the Russian warships as also of the United States and the United Kingdom have risen in the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait. Given the scenario, information on the Russian testing of Poseidon was released.

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