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In last three weeks, 170 people killed, 143 houses destroyed, thousands displaced in Fulani terror attacks in Nigeria

Abuja: At least 170 Christians have been killed in the Fulani militant attacks in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. Thousands of people from the Kaduna province have been displaced from the region as a result of the violence caused due to the attacks. Meanwhile, as per the local security agencies, the militant Fulani herdsmen are allegedly more dangerous than the Boko Haram terror outfit terrorising Nigeria.

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Also, the Fulani militia had wreaked havoc in the Inkirimi, Dogonnoma and Ungwan Gora areas of Kaduna province in central Nigeria. After killing 52 people from the villages, the militia destroyed 143 houses. Subsequently, on Sunday and Monday, the Fulani extremists killed 85 people in the Ungwan Barde, Gamu, Gerti and Kanokon villages. What’s more, is that the terrorists also attacked the villagers who had assembled for the funeral of the people killed in the attacks. Around 35 people are estimated to be killed in this attack.

The local agencies and citizens have alleged that the Fulani militia is targeting Christians in the region. In the last three weeks, the extremists have not only killed scores of people but also destroyed places of worship. The incidents have terrorised the people in the Kaduna province as also the women and children were moved to safer places. Before the episode, the Boko Haram had already caused anarchy in the state of Nigeria.

Moreover, the media had accused the government of Nigeria of supporting the Boko Haram. Last year, the Nigerian military had asserted a victory over the Boko Haram through an exclusive campaign undertaken against the terror group. However, the terror attacks were observed to have increased only after the claims were made.

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