COVID-19 wreaking havoc in European nations, death toll in Italy reaches 631  

COVID-19 wreaking havoc in European nations, death toll in Italy reaches 631  

Rome/Beijing: In Italy, the Coronavirus deaths have jumped to 631. The Novel Coronavirus cases in Italy has crossed 10,000 with the country becoming a centre of infection in Europe for the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the death toll worldwide has climbed to 4,360, while 118,246 cases have been reported. Even in a developed nation such as the United States, 29 people have died, and more than 1000 confirmed cases. Only a few days ago, the US President had asserted that the United States would handle the epidemic better than any other nation in the world.  

In Italy, efforts to contain the pandemic are ongoing on a war footing, with the imposition of a lockdown on 60 million people from 16 provinces. Still, the epidemic is wreaking havoc in Italy. Italy has become the centre of the Coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the disease was observed to have rapidly spread in the country, which is the fastest after China. In a single day, the confirmed cases in Italy had soared by 168 with 631 deaths being reported so far. The numbers are feared to possibly escalate soon while the current number of cases in Italy stands at 10,149. In many areas of the country, hotels and restaurants are to remain shut. Also, all airlines have cancelled flights to and from the country.  

The Italian economy is mainly dependent on tourism, which is currently under threat due to the COVID-19 crisis. Italy is the third-largest economy in the Eurozone, and thus the European countries will also take a hit because of the crisis. In Spain, 35 people have died, and the number of confirmed cases is at 1,622. Also, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that 70% of the German population could get infected with the new Coronavirus. If the fears come true, 60 million Germans may get the Coronavirus infection.  

As per reports, the British Health Minister tested positive with the virus. All the ministers and officials who have come in contact with UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries, are being tested for symptoms of the disease. In Iran, 354 people have died due to the Coronavirus. However, the pandemic is believed to be on a much bigger rampage in Iran than being revealed and the facts presented are claimed to be incomplete. Reportedly, other countries are also making efforts on a war footing to stop the spread of the pandemic. Some members of the medical fraternity in New Zealand have expressed concerns over half the country’s population likely getting infected with the virus.  

In the United States, the Novel Coronavirus has seen the highest spread in the state of Boston. The virus is spreading rapidly, even in the state of New York. A total of 29 people have died in the United States so far, and more than 1,000 cases have been reported. US President Donald Trump had claimed that the United States would handle the Coronavirus epidemic better than any other nation in the world. Nevertheless, it is now apparent that even the US agencies have failed to contain the spread of the pandemic. 

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