Israel-Saudi send a message to Iran and Biden: Israel, US reports 

Israel-Saudi send a message to Iran and Biden: Israel, US reports 

Jerusalem: Western media reports claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had met to send across a stern warning to Iran, which is very close to developing a nuclear bomb, as even US President-elect Joe Biden, who has a liberal policy towards this country. Also, in an interview to an Israeli news outlet, a Saudi official said talks between the Israeli Prime Minister and Saudi Crown Prince were held to come together and form a front against Iran. 

Biden, बायडेनOn Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a secret visit to Saudi Arabia and met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Saudi Foreign Minister has abstained from commenting on the reports. The members of the Saudi royal family have nevertheless informed the media that talks between the Israeli prime minister and Saudi Crown Prince were held for an hour in the city of Neom. Israeli government as even its military have avoided commenting on this meeting but have not denied reports on it. The US and Israeli media are therefore asserting on the occurrence of the meeting. 

A leading US daily has claimed the Israel-Saudi meeting was a message to Biden. The US news outlet has drawn attention to the warnings issued by Israel and Saudi to the US President-elect Biden before the meeting. Two days ago, Israel had warned Biden not to make a nuclear deal with Iran. On the other hand, the Saudi foreign minister had cautioned that they were also capable of using the nuclear alternative against Iran. 

Biden, बायडेनDespite warnings from Israel and Saudi, both of which are traditional US allies, President-elect Biden has not responded. Therefore, US media outlets believe Israel and Saudi carried out the meeting as a severe warning to Biden. 

A meeting was to take place between the Israeli prime minister and Saudi Crown Prince almost three months ago. Although after the media uncovered information of the meeting, reports stated that the US visit of the Saudi Crown Prince had been cancelled. Discussions were believed would focus on forming a joint front of Israel and the Arab nations against Iran. Now, a Saudi official has stated during an interview to Israeli daily ‘Israeli Hayom’ that talks held in Neom city centred around developing a joint front against Iran. 

As of now, Saudi has not given official recognition to the country of Israel. Nevertheless, the Israeli prime minister’s Saudi visit and discussions with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are hinting at a changed policy. The event thus appears to have caused a sensation amid the Islamic nations which have refused to recognise Israel. More particularly, the media in countries such as Pakistan, are looking at the Israeli visit to Saudi Arabia with fear. 

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