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Former US Secretary of State criticises Biden administration’s decision on nuclear deal, says it guarantees Iran nuclear arsenal

Washington: US President Joe Biden has justified his stance on Iran, as he announced that ‘The United States is trying to correct the mistakes in the Middle East by re-entering the 2015 nuclear deal.’ However, the Biden administration’s decision has drawn strong criticism in the United States. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused the Biden administration of guaranteeing Iran’s nuclear arsenal by reviving the nuclear deal.  

The Biden administration announced on Thursday evening that it was ready for a nuclear deal with Iran. White House spokesman Ned Price said the United States would accept the European Union (EU) proposal to discuss a nuclear deal with Iran. In the next few hours, President Biden explained the need for a nuclear deal with Iran during his address at the Munich Security Council. Biden went on to claim that ‘The discussion will take place within the framework of the UN Security Council (UNSC). Also, the nuclear deal would correct the mistakes that have been made in the Middle East in recent years.’  

Nevertheless, Republican leaders in the United States have criticized the Biden administration for rushing into a nuclear deal with Iran. In an interview with a US news outlet, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a warning to the Biden administration. ‘Accommodating the Ayatollah regime in Iran is a model for the European Union. If the Biden administration adopts the European Union model of accommodation, it will guarantee Iran a path to a nuclear arsenal,’ Pompeo said.  

At the same time, the former US Secretary of State rebuked the European countries. ‘European countries have previously tried to appease the Ayatollah regime in Iran. But the Trump administration never let that happen. The Ayatollah understands only strength. The Trump administration led the response to the Iranian threat that protected the American people from its terror and supported the Jewish state of Israel,’ said Pompeo as he called for stricter sanctions against Iran without engaging in dialogue.  

Four days ago, in an interview with a US news agency, State Secretary Pompeo had warned that if the Biden administration does not take a tougher stance against Iran, the regime would become more powerful and launch attacks, recognizing the weakness of the United States. Pompeo stated that Iran would use Hezbollah as well as pro-Iran terrorist organizations in Iraq for the purpose. The Biden administration should also emulate the Trump administration’s policy, he added. As the Biden administration has already begun to take steps towards a nuclear deal with Iran, Pompeo reminded them of the warning he issued four days ago.  

Like Pompeo, some senators of the US Congress have criticized Biden’s decision. They are also demanding that sanctions on Iran be maintained. However, Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabie asserted that despite the severity of political tensions with Iran, the US Biden administration could not impose sanctions on Iran. 

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