China’s conspiracy to use coronavirus as a bio-weapon in World War III exposed  

China’s conspiracy to use coronavirus as a bio-weapon in World War III exposed  

Washington: In 2015, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had hatched the dangerous plot to use the coronavirus as a biological weapon in World War III. The sensational information was exposed from the documents procured by the US Department of State. A leading Australian daily has reported the story. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had also levelled a severe accusation against China on Wednesday, saying the coronavirus pandemic is a part of China’s biological war. Before that, a former Israeli intelligence official had claimed the coronavirus is a biological weapon.   

In 2015, China’s military analysts and health experts had published a research paper. The paper was titled – ”The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Manmade Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons”. The report inferred that the Third World War could be fought with bioweapons. The Chinese researchers had asserted that the viruses from the SARS Coronavirus family would mark the beginning of ‘a new era of genetic weapons.   

The People’s Liberation Army is revealed to have planned for a biological war. It states, ”Viruses from the Corona family can be handled artificially and projected as a human disease. After that, it can be used as a weapon and spread across the entire world. Such a bioweapon can be used to launch an attack, which will cause the enemy’s medical system to collapse.” The document also talks about the proper storage of biological agents and the technique for releasing them into the atmosphere.   

The Australian, a leading Australian daily, had carried the report on it. The report said an Australian scientist would be publishing a book on the subject. Also, the authenticity of the documents the US Department of State possesses has been verified, the report claimed.   

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, China’s role in it has always been suspected. The country consistently concealed information on the coronavirus to suppress the accusations made against it. China also made irrelevant claims that said the virus originated from another country. The voices of all the Chinese scientists, who spoke about the coronavirus pandemic, were crushed while many journalists were made to disappear mysteriously. On the other hand, some researchers managed to escape from China and took asylum in other countries. These researchers had also exposed information on the Chinese bioweapons program.  

Meanwhile, US Congressmen had made the compelling demand that the US investigate the claim of the coronavirus originating from a laboratory in Wuhan and present all related documents regarding the matter before the US Congress. Moreover, former US President Donald Trump had alleged the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Trump would always refer to the coronavirus as the ”Wuhan Virus”. 

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