Corona death toll reaches 5 million globally  

Washington – The number of victims of the corona outbreak has reached 5 million across the globe; the information was released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Over 750 thousand deaths were recorded in the United States, followed by Brazil and India. A few days ago, a new ‘variant’ of Corona emerged, which appears to have raised the number of victims in Europe. At the same time, there has been a recent outbreak of Corona even in China. However, local authorities have not yet succeeded in controlling it.   

५० लाखांवर, ५० लाख, 5 million

As per the information by Johns Hopkins University in the US, the number of Corona deaths worldwide has surpassed 50,01,932. Over 7,45,837 died in the US, followed by 6,07,824 deaths in Brazil. More than 1,00,000 people across 13 countries have died globally in the pandemic, including India, Mexico and Peru. The total number of Corona patients in the world has reached 24,68,00,000.  

Health experts have said that 5 million deaths within two years since the onset of the Corona pandemic are a matter of great concern. Amongst the deadliest diseases of the world, Corona is listed third, experts said. Hotspots have been consistently shifting since the onset of the pandemic. Moreover, it has surfaced that the number of people dying due to Corona is currently rising in Eastern European countries, including Russia and Ukraine. Information has revealed that a consistent record number of victims have been noted in Russia in the last few days.  

The global havoc of the Corona pandemic that had begun from China at the end of 2019 still exists. The third wave of pandemics is underway in many major countries of the world. Besides, it took a duration of about nine-and-a-half-month for the death toll to reach 1 million after the first Coronavirus outbreak. But as per the information available now, nearly one million victims have been recorded only in the last three and a half months.  

Along with eastern Europe, the number of Corona death tolls in Africa and Latin America are said to be alarming. It has surfaced that a new subtype of ‘Delta variant’ emerged a few days ago spreads wildly. Experts have claimed that inadequate vaccinations and lax restrictions are the main reasons behind Corona’s new hotspot. There has been a recent epidemic outbreak in China, the origin of Corona. The patients are found in significant provinces, including the capital Beijing, which has raised concern among Chinese operating systems. Simultaneously, it was revealed that China withholds information on the Corona outbreak in the country. Concerns are being raised that Corona exploded in China must be much more than what is being revealed due to these Chinese covert actions. 

New book claims that Coronavirus originated in China   

५० लाखांवर, ५० लाख, 5 million

London – While China was creating Coronavirus, the pandemic spread through a virus leak from the laboratory, a new book claims. ‘Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19’, written by British journalist Matt Ridley and Canadian researcher Alina Chan, has accused China for spreading the Coronavirus. 

It was made clear that the information gathered and provided by the DRASTIC group (Decentralised Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating Covid-19) and the open-source intelligence was being utilised for the book. This is the second book to clarify that Corona originated in China. A few days ago, Australian journalist Sharri Markson had published information from her book that Corona originates from the Chinese Wuhan Lab. 

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