Russia attacking Ukraine with lethal weapons

- allege Ukraine and British defence ministry  

Moscow/Kyiv: – Russia has started striking Ukraine with highly lethal weapons. The British Defence Ministry accused Russia is using the KH-22 anti-ship missiles to hit targets on land. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the western countries that his country needs more weapons as Russia is intensifying its attacks. But the current picture is that the different Ukrainian military may be unable to stop the Russian onslaught even after receiving the new weapons.   

lethal weapons

The Russian military is dominating the Donbas region. Ukraine is losing nearly 200 soldiers in this region to Russian attacks. Russia has snatched the Severodonetsk city from the Ukrainian military following Mariupol. Now the Russian military has started attacks on Sloviansk city. It was claimed that the Ukrainian military courageously faced the Russian military. Still, the ground reality is that the Ukrainian military cannot bear the Russian onslaught’s heat. The situation is becoming more and more difficult for the Ukrainian military. In this scenario, Ukraine and the British defence department have started a fresh spate of accusations against Russia.   

lethal weapons

The British Defence Ministry claimed that Russia is using the KH-22 anti-ship missiles to target locations on land. Ukraine also claimed that Russia was using lethal weapons and these missiles to launch attacks. Ukrainian President Zelensky appealed that Ukraine needs more effective weapons to face Russia in this scenario. Earlier the United States and European countries had agreed to supply weapons to Ukraine. But US President Joe Biden clarified that missiles that could be used to launch attacks inside Russia would not be supplied to Ukraine.   

Excepting this limitation, the United States has decided to supply weapons worth billions of dollars to Ukraine. But Russia has warned that it will not let these weapons reach Ukraine. Therefore, a fresh question is being raised: Is the Ukrainian military in a position to use these weapons even if the western weapons reached them?  

Meanwhile, Russia is willing to talk to the western countries to end the Ukraine conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the western countries are not responding to the Russian offer. Although ‘Tango’ can be performed only in pairs, the westerners are going alone and performing it, said Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, as he pointed out that the westerners are not interested in resolving the problem through negotiations.   

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