Ukraine may lose support from the West in the long-drawn conflict

- claim analysts

the West

Moscow / Kyiv – The long-drawn conflict with Russia may reduce support and assistance from the West for Ukraine, claim analysts. Analysts say that problems surface in the European countries, which pay a massive price for supporting the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the European people will not be able to bear the consequences of the war for long. A few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also said that there were indications that the Western community was tired of the conflict. Meanwhile, senior officials have informed that Ukraine has lost 10,000 troops in the conflict against Russia.  

It has been more than 100 days have passed since the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In the early days of the clash, Western nations had assured large amounts of arms and financial aid to Ukraine. Accordingly, it has surfaced that Ukraine has received large amounts of arms and funds. Based on this assistance, Ukraine forced Russian troops to withdraw from several cities. After Russia’s withdrawal, it was boasted that Ukraine would win over Russia. However, after Russia launched the second phase of its military campaign, the picture began to change extensively.  

Russia has taken a strong lead in the Donbas region, and there are indications that the entire region will be under Russian control in the next few weeks. At the same time, Ukrainian officials have begun making statements regarding the number of soldiers killed in the conflict, the daily casualties and the shortage of weapons. Ukraine has reacted strongly to some statements made by European countries regarding Russia. Reports have also surfaced of differences between the Ukrainian and European leadership on some issues. It has also emerged that Ukraine and the West have a dispute over what exactly should be the purpose of the conflict.  

Analysts have claimed that the sequence of events indicates the West, especially Europe, is tired of the long-running Russia-Ukraine conflict. The sanctions imposed against Russia over the Ukraine issue have become an issue of constraint for the European countries. Opposition to sanctions by some countries indicates the same, said Italian analyst Matteo Villa.  

Meanwhile, Russia claimed to have destroyed a base with a foreign weapons stockpile in the Ukrainian city of Chortkiv. The Russian sources said that missiles, artillery, and rocket systems were deployed at the base. Russia’s attack, while Ukraine’s military complains of a shortage of weapons, becomes significant. It has been informed that twenty-two people were injured in the attack. Russia has destroyed large quantities of foreign weapon stock over the past month and targeted mercenary-troops centres in Western countries. It is said that Russia is using advanced cruise missiles for these attacks.  

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