US must send military aid to Ukraine like it does to Israel

– President Zelensky demands

US must send military aid to Ukraine like it does to Israel

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Zelensky has demanded that Ukraine should receive the same kind of military aid as the United States provides to Israel. If Ukraine receives such assistance, it will continue to battle with Russia for a long time, claimed Zelensky. While making this demand, he stated that he worried the United States and other Western countries would abandon Ukraine and leave it helpless. If this happens, it will be highly dangerous, said Zelensky.

In an interview given to a news channel on Sunday, Zelensky claimed that the conflict that started with Russia could still turn the tide. The number of Ukrainian soldiers being killed in this conflict is huge. If this number reduces, Ukraine can clash with Russia, claimed President Zelensky. For this, the United States should provide maximum military assistance to Ukraine, demanded Zelensky at the time. In the post-World War II era, the US offered large amounts of military and other aid to Israel to secure its interests in the Middle East. With the help of this aid, Israel defeated the powerful countries of the Middle East. Besides, Zelensky suggests that Ukraine can cause huge damage to Russia due to the assistance received from the United States.

Furthermore, the United States and European countries had also provided Russia’s advanced weapons, cannons, armoured vehicles and tanks to Ukraine in protest against Russia. Still, the army of Ukraine has not been able to perform satisfactorily against Russia. The United States had expressed displeasure on this in clear words. The United Kingdom had given a clear warning that it would not be possible to assist as demanded by Ukraine. However, Ukraine is still complaining that they are not receiving enough military aid from the Western countries against Russia. Every day, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are getting killed in this conflict. The news of the death of more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in the retaliatory attack by the Russian army on the Ukrainian military came to the fore on Saturday.

In such a situation, President Zelensky still makes statements about winning over Russia. He also demands the United States to provide military assistance to Ukraine like it has to Israel. However, sharp reactions are now emerging from even the United States over the military aid worth billions of dollars that President Biden provides Ukraine. Ukraine cannot win this conflict against Russia. The US opposition leaders strongly criticise President Biden, saying that he is spending billions of dollars from the US taxpayers for this conflict, which shows defeat.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, the 2012 US presidential candidate, has praised the plan to use Ukraine against Russia. Romney claimed that this has weakened Russia and sent an important warning to China. Because of his claim, Russia’s allegation of Ukraine being a pawn pushed forward by the United States and NATO against Russia seems to be proven.