Israel intensifies ongoing attack on Hamas

Israel intensifies ongoing attack on Hamas

Jerusalem: Over 900 Israeli civilians have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war, which is going on for the fourth consecutive day. Hamas is still firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Israel has increased the intensity of its air strikes on Gaza; the videos of buildings being demolished in Gaza are being streamed. Apart from this, Javed Abu Shamla, the Finance Minister of the Hamas administration in Gaza, was killed in the Israeli attack. At the same time, the people of Gaza are facing great difficulties due to Israel stopping the supply of water, food, fuel and electricity. In such a situation, some leaders of Hamas claimed to be ready and willing to negotiate on the ceasefire proposal. However, now Israel has announced that this war will not end without eliminating Hamas.

Moreover, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel’s crackdown on Hamas has begun. PM Netanyahu further stated that Israel will teach Hamas such a lesson, which will not be forgotten by future generations as well. Israel’s current actions against Hamas are only the first phase of this war. Netanyahu claimed that Israel’s attacks on Hamas and everyone associated with it will intensify even more. Israeli soldiers are deployed on the Gaza border and it is being claimed that they will soon be able to capture Gaza. However, before that, it seems that Israel has likely strategised to defeat Hamas through air strikes.

Due to the siege, the people in Gaza are in distress and the air strikes have made the situation of Gaza and Hamas has become very difficult. Yet, Hamas is issuing new threats to Israel. Hamas has indicated that if Israel targets the people of Gaza, the Israeli civilians under our occupation will be killed. However, Israel does not wish to pay attention to these Hamas threats. Israel has launched the attacks to destroy Hamas by carrying out decisive attacks. 

For this reason, some leaders of Hamas are now ready to discuss the issue of a ceasefire with Israel and are appealing to the United Nations for this. Meanwhile, other leaders of Hamas are still warning that this war against Israel will continue.