Over 4 mn people displaced in Ethiopia due to internal conflict and natural calamities

- UN report

Over 4 mn people displaced in Ethiopia due to internal conflict and natural calamities

Geneva/Addis Ababa: Over 4 million civilians have been displaced in Ethiopia amid a conflict in the country’s major provinces and a severe drought in some regions. The report of the United Nations has shared this information. Ethiopia is a major economy in Africa and the most populous country in the African continent.

Moreover, the ‘International Organisation for Migration (IOM)’ of the United Nations has released the ‘National Displacement Report’ related to Ethiopia. This report has been prepared by reviewing 21 provinces of Ethiopia from November 2022 to June 2023, and IOM provided its information. Amhara province accounts for the largest number of displaced citizens, accounting for 44 per cent. After this, the percentage of displaced citizens in Tigray province is 39 per cent.

Moreover, the continuous conflict has become the main reason for the displacement of these citizens. About 66 per cent of these displaced persons have been forced to leave their place due to civil conflict. Apart from this, the number of citizens displaced due to drought and other natural calamities is 18 per cent. The information about the total displacement of 7 per cent of people due to social tension and other reasons is recorded in this report.

A few days ago, clashes broke out between the army and local armed groups in Ethiopia’s second-largest province, Amhara. Against the backdrop of this conflict, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared a state of emergency in Amhara. The government had also announced to send an additional army team to Amhara. Because of this, the number of displaced citizens in this province, as well as the ones reaching other countries as refugees, will again increase significantly, said international groups expressing concern.

Meanwhile, the issue of Ethiopian refugees reaching Saudi Arabia via Yemen has become a topic of discussion. Some volunteer groups claimed that Ethiopian refugees arriving in Saudi were being persecuted. It has drawn a sharp reaction from Saudi Arabia, and a Saudi spokesperson has categorically rejected such allegations.


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