New cold war against China will be self-destructive for US

- Chinese govt mouthpiece warns

New cold war against China will be self-destructive for US

Beijing/Jakarta: The East and Southeast Asian countries have adopted an aggressive stance against China in the last few days. Angered by this, China alleged that the United States was waging a new cold war against it. Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries should oppose this cold war initiated by the United States, said Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang at the ASEAN meeting. At the same time, the Chinese government mouthpiece’ Global Times’ has warned that a new cold war against China will prove self-destructive for the United States.

The ‘ASEAN 2023’ meeting of Southeast Asian countries begins in Jakarta, Indonesia. Like every year, ASEAN has invited the leadership of the United States, India, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea as guest countries. However, the leaders of the United States, China and Russia were absent from this meeting and sent their representatives in their place. On the occasion of this meeting, US Vice President Kamala Harris reprimanded China.

Moreover, China released a new and disputed map only last week. Like every year, China staked a claim on more territory of neighbouring countries in this new map. China asserted its authority on the border of India, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan. A strong reaction was registered in India, and after this, Russia and other countries criticised this new map of China as well. These neighbouring countries had told China that claims cannot be made on other countries by drawing lines on paper.

During the ASEAN meeting, US Vice President Kamala Harris criticised the disputed map, the South China Sea dispute, the ongoing differences with Japan over the water of the Fukushima nuclear plant and China supporting North Korea’s testing of ballistic missiles. The US Vice President also announced that the United States will stand by its regional friends and allies against China’s increasing aggression.

Frustrated with this, China targeted the United States. It is the United States itself which is spreading misconceptions about China in Southeast Asian countries. The United States is increasing interference in China’s internal business by giving importance to anti-China interests. Due to this, the Chinese Prime Minister accused to have created tension in the mentioned area. To avoid this, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries will have to stop taking the side of the United States, Li Qiang reprimanded during this meeting. The ‘East Asia Summit’ organised in Jakarta will commence in the next few hours, and a conflict between China and the United States may also occur here.

The Chinese Prime Minister criticised the United States at the ASEAN meeting when the Chinese official mouthpiece targeted the United States again. ‘The United States and China are very important to the world. Despite this, the United States tried to suppress China on the political, economic, trade, technology and military fronts. It is not the second or third (world war) but a Cold War. However, the United States will not succeed in this for a long time, and this cold war will prove suicidal for the United States itself,’ warns ‘Global Times’. This mouthpiece has appealed to analysts worldwide to help China expose the American Cold War.

Meanwhile, apart from Indonesia and Malaysia, other neighbouring countries of Southeast Asia have started openly adopting a role against China. It is directly impacting Xi Jinping’s rule in China. The Chinese President is criticised for his wrong economic and trade policies. Meanwhile, countries like Vietnam and the Philippines have also started threatening China over the map issue and due to this, anger against Xi Jinping is growing in China.


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