Russia recruits mercenaries from Kazakhstan and Armenia for the Ukraine conflict – Western media claims

Russia recruits mercenaries from Kazakhstan and Armenia for the Ukraine conflict – Western media claims

Moscow/Bishkek – Russia has lost millions of soldiers in the Ukraine conflict. Thus, realising the possibility of a shortage of soldiers for further conflict, Russia turned its attention towards the countries once part of the Soviet Union. Besides, it has come to light that Russia has launched a campaign for military recruitment in countries like Kazakhstan and Armenia in the last few months. Earlier, US media had claimed that Russia had recruited Afghan commandos for military operations in Ukraine.

Ukraine conflictMoreover, the Western countries claim that, along with Ukraine, the Russian military has suffered a huge loss of life in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In addition, Western intelligence agencies and media had recently claimed that Russia had lost about 500,000 soldiers. Against the backdrop of the huge loss of lives, it came to the fore that Russia had launched a new recruitment process last year. President Vladimir Putin made the announcement. Accordingly, there have been indications of an increase in the number of troops of the Russian Armed Forces to 1.5 million.

On the other hand, Russia seems to have increased the deployment of Chechen groups. Also, claims emerged that some troops stationed in Syria and other countries have been withdrawn. After this, Russia seems to have turned its attention to the countries that were part of the Soviet Union. It appears that Russia would have taken this step due to the possibility of many citizens of Russian descent in these countries.

A report released by the Western media says Russia has run a propaganda campaign in Kazakhstan and Armenia. Five thousand dollars and other facilities have been offered to lure recruits to join the Russian army. In the advertisement for this, the flags of Russia and Kazakhstan are shown together behind a soldier. Besides, the echo of this Russian campaign is also being heard in the political sphere of Kazakhstan. However, the Russian agencies have refused to respond to the issue.

Meanwhile, former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev recently visited the recruitment process centre of the Russian army. In a statement made at that time, he provided information about recruiting 280,000 people in the Russian military in the last eight months. However, Medvedev said most of these people will be a part of the reserve forces.


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