Deploying US aircraft carrier will lead to more bloodshed in Gaza – President of Turkey warns

Deploying US aircraft carrier will lead to more bloodshed in Gaza – President of Turkey warns

Ankara – The US aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford, with its fleet, has reached the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal area of Israel. The United States has said that its warship has reached for Israel’s aid with military assistance to initiate action against Hamas terrorists. However, Turkey has been enraged over this. Besides, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that deploying US warships will lead to heavy bloodshed in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, a minister in Erdogan’s government has threatened that the Israeli Prime Minister will be killed soon.

Along with Israeli citizens, citizens of other countries have also been killed in the brutal attack by Hamas terrorists who entered Israel. These include 14 US citizens, and about 20 US citizens are still missing. In addition, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is arriving in Israel soon. Blinken will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to clarify the US’s position against the backdrop of the ongoing Hamas attacks. Also, the US will likely propose joint military action on Gaza to Israel during this time.

Therefore, there are claims that the US has deployed a fleet of six destroyers equipped with missile systems and the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier in Israeli waters. There are reports that the US Special Forces team and F-35 aircraft are also in preparation. Meanwhile, the US says the deployment aims to release the US citizens trapped in Israel and provide arms to the country.

US aircraft carrierHowever, Turkey has criticised the US for deploying an aircraft carrier close to Israeli waters. Erdogan questioned, ‘What is the US aircraft carrier doing in Israel? What is the purpose of the fighter aircraft on board this warship and other warships that have entered here?’ Moreover, Turkish President Erdogan warned that these aircraft and warships would attack the Gaza Strip and the surrounding area and increase the intensity of bloodshed. Conversely, US analysts claim that Turkey has solely criticised the US for deploying the aircraft carrier because the US had shot down a Turkish drone in Syria two days ago.

However, Nazif Yilmaz, the deputy education minister of Erdogan’s government, has threatened the Israeli Prime Minister. Yilmaz warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is attacking the Gaza Strip, will one day become the target of Palestinian attacks. Furthermore, through social media, Yilmaz has threatened Netanyahu, ‘You will die’. A strong reaction among the Turkish people also surfaced against the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. Apart from this, demands are being raised in Turkey that their country should help Hamas against Israel. Nonetheless, Nazif Yilmaz’s toxic statements against the Israeli Prime Minister represent the public perception in Turkey.


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