Iran warns to open new front against Israel

Iran's foreign minister meets Hezbollah chief

Iran warns to open new front against Israel

Beirut/Damascus – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip are human rights violations and war crimes. He has also threatened that if Israel does not stop the ongoing attacks on Gaza, Iran and its allies will open a new front against Israel and declare a new war against the country. Iran’s Foreign Minister has threatened Israel after the meeting with Lebanon’s leader and head of the terrorist organisation Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah. Besides, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian seems to indicate that Hamas from the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah from Lebanon and Syria, will launch attacks on Israel. Meanwhile, Iran has responded furiously after Israel’s air strikes on Syria.

Moreover, Iranian Foreign Minister Abdolahian was scheduled to reach Syria on Thursday. Syria had also claimed that the Iranian foreign minister’s visit was purely political. However, his visit to Syria has attracted much attention amid the conflict between Israel and the Iran-linked terrorist organisation Hamas. In such a situation, Israel launched heavy air strikes on the international airports in the Syrian capital, Damascus and Aleppo on Thursday morning. During this time, the runways of both airports have suffered heavy damage. At the same time, there have been claims that terrorist organisations associated with Iran have suffered heavy losses. The Syrian Army had also said it had thwarted the Israeli air strikes.

Apart from this, the Syrian media has not given any importance to these allegations by Israel. However, due to these attacks on Damascus and Aleppo airports, Iran’s Foreign Minister had to postpone his visit to Syria and divert his plane towards Lebanon. Enraged by this, the Iranian Foreign Minister has threatened to open a new front against Israel as soon as he reaches Lebanon.

new frontFurthermore, the Iranian Foreign Minister said, ‘Some Western officials have questioned if there is an intention to open a new front against Israel. We tell them that our clear answer regarding future possibilities is that everything depends on the actions of the Israel in Gaza.’ Also, he warned that if Israel does not stop the ongoing attacks on Gaza, a new front will certainly be opened against Israel, and there would be no need to seek permission from Iran for this.

As per the reports two days ago, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran-linked terrorist groups in Syria had launched rocket attacks on Israel. However, there have been no attacks on Israel from the borders of these two countries after this. However, Hezbollah, the Iran-linked terrorist group based in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, has threatened to wage an anti-Israel war in the last four days. Analysts have warned that in the days to come, Israel will have to struggle on not just one but many fronts.


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