War may spark between Russia-Belarus & Poland – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

War may spark between Russia-Belarus & Poland – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
Moscow/Warsaw – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that Poland’s ongoing activities to increase military capability and the intelligence deployment of the Polish army in Ukraine, may spark a war between Russia-Belarus and Poland. Medvedev said that Russia is aware of the Polish government’s ambitious plans. The former president has also warned that Russia and Belarus will unite and respond strongly if any attempt is made to initiate a war.
PolandIn an article written in the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, ex-President Medvedev made a statement on the relations between Russia and Poland. Medvedev claimed, ‘Poland’s reckless actions if rashly supported by its NATO allies, may have far-reaching dangerous consequences for the entire world. And then Poland will fulfil the role of ‘the hyena of Europe’ that unleashed World War III.’
Saying that Poland has been Russia‘s historical enemy, Medvedev has threatened that if Poland’s efforts to understand this fail, it could lead to the death of Polish statehood. The former head of Russia drew attention to the fact that history has also earlier delivered Poland the verdict of failures due to evil ambitions.
Poland was one of the countries at the forefront of supporting Ukraine since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began. Along with supplying arms to Ukraine, Poland has also sheltered millions of Ukrainian refugees in its country. Also, Poland has played a key role in providing weapons to Ukraine from Western countries.
Poland, which trains thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, had also submitted a plan to send peacekeeping forces to Ukraine. At the same time, there have been claims that Poland will occupy some areas of the western part of Ukraine masked under the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Due to the increasing aggression of Russia, Poland has started increasing its defence capability and has signed agreements worth billions of dollars with the United States. Poland has also taken the initiative for the US’s defence base and demanded the US deploy at least 10,000 troops.
Analysts have warned that due to the increasing activities of Poland, Russia can now target it through Belarus.

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