Mossad chief warns of targeting Iran’s leaders if Israeli citizens are attacked

Mossad chief warns of targeting Iran’s leaders if Israeli citizens are attacked

Jerusalem – David Barnea, the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, said Iran has increased terrorist activities to target Jews and Israeli citizens worldwide. He added it is beneficial for Iran that the Israeli agencies have foiled 27 such conspiracies of the Iranian agencies since last year. So far, Israel has taken action against those who have hatched such plots and those involved in it. Barnea warned, ‘Harming Israelis or Jews in any way, by proxy or Iranian weapons smuggled into Israel, will lead to Israel’s response against the Iranians, right from the ground operators to the highest ranks, and I mean that.’ Meanwhile, Russia is quite likely to provide weapons to Iran. Barnea has warned that it would prove dangerous for Israel’s security if this happened.

MossadMoreover, Israel has witnessed protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the past eight months. Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers have also joined it. In addition, military analysts had expressed concern that this was putting pressure on Israel’s security. Also, these analysts had warned that Iran and Iran-linked terrorist organisations could take advantage of the anti-government protests in Israel and create a stir. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Policy (ICT) in Herzliya, David Barney, the head of the Mossad intelligence agency, shared information about the threats from Iran.

Besides, Barnea claimed to have foiled 27 major terrorist attacks on Jews and Israelis in a joint operation conducted by Mossad and Israeli intelligence agencies based in Israel-friendly countries since last year. He had provided information about foiling such conspiracies in Israel and Europe, Africa, Asia and South American countries. Meanwhile, Barnea drew attention to the attacks on Israeli citizens in the West Bank for the past few months by saying that Israeli agencies would take action against Iranian terrorists involved in this conspiracy. Furthermore, the Mossad chief recalled searching for and acting upon terrorists attacking Israelis and Jews.

However, Barnea warned that if such attacks on Israelis and Jews occur in the future, then the senior leaders of Iran will have to pay a heavy price. Barnea also indicated they would target only the officers who planned the attack. The adjacent big screen also displayed the names of senior political and religious leaders, top leaders of the Revolutionary Guards and other Iran commanders. Therefore, if there is an attempt to harm Israel’s interests in the future, these leaders and officials of Iran will be taken care of forever. Additionally, Barnea has explicitly stated that they will target the heart of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Nonetheless, the Mossad chief expressed concern over the growing military cooperation between Russia and Iran after sharing information about the threat to Israel’s security from Iran or Iran-linked terrorist organisations. Iran has provided Russia with patrols and suicide drones in the conflict against Ukraine. Russia can now supply weapons to Iran in exchange for Iran’s assistance in the Ukraine attacks, and Iran can use these Russian weapons against Israel. The Mossad chief has warned that the threat to Israel’s existence will increase further.


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