Egypt deploys tanks at Gaza border to stop the influx of Palestinians

Egypt deploys tanks at Gaza border to stop the influx of Palestinians

Cairo/Amman: Israel has started vigorous action against Hamas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Due to this, a large number of Palestinian refugees are moving south towards Egypt. To stop this, Egypt has deployed tanks and army-armoured vehicles at the Rafah border. Besides, Egypt is ready to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians and provide treatment to the injured in Gaza. Nevertheless, the Egyptian Prime Minister has announced that Egypt is prepared to sacrifice millions to stop Palestinian citizens from infiltrating the Egyptian border. Moreover, Jordan simultaneously worries that groups of Palestinian citizens will intrude on their country due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Terrorists had entered Israel and killed 1,400 people on October 7. Six days later, on October 13, Israel’s intelligence unit prepared a report on the military operation in the Gaza Strip. Accordingly, the international media has raised the issue of Israel’s plan to push 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt’s Sinai province to take measures at large against Hamas terrorists. Additionally, the international media says that there is a proposal to initially build tent cities for the Palestinians on the northern side of Sinai and then build permanent cities.

Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s office revealed that the report has no truth and is hypothetical. However, the West Bank Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Egypt have responded. Criticising the plan, the Palestinian government has expressed its complete opposition to transferring Gaza’s Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula. At the same time, Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly announced that Egypt is prepared for the security of the Sinai province.

In addition, Prime Minister Madbouly has said the plan to settle Palestinian refugees in the Sinai province will not be allowed to succeed. He noted that Egypt opened the way for trucks carrying humanitarian aid for the Palestinians of Gaza, which will be delivered even in the future. Prime Minister Madbouly also hinted at opening a temporary hospital at the Egypt-Gaza border, saying that it will also provide medical facilities to injured Palestinians. However, Madbouly also warned that they will not tolerate the infiltration of refugees from Gaza. Also, the Egyptian Prime Minister clarified that they would follow the agreement with Israel on the issue of military deployment in the Sinai province.

According to the 1979 agreement between Egypt and Israel, Egypt has to limit the number of troops in the Sinai province. Moreover, Israel had warned that Egypt’s military deployment in the Sinai province would be considered anti-Israel activity. Egypt has also followed this agreement with Israel for the last five decades. Earlier, Israel had also approved of Egypt’s deployment of a large number of troops in the Sinai province to take action against IS and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

In such a situation, there are claims that Egypt has violated the agreement with Israel by deploying a large number of tanks and armoured vehicles near the Gaza border in the Sinai province. As a result, some analysts say tensions have arisen between Israel and Egypt. Nevertheless, Israel has not yet responded.



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