Distrust and differences among nuclear nations are a recipe for annihilation

– UN chief warns

Distrust and differences among nuclear nations are a recipe for annihilation

New York: ‘This year, we face an alarming rise in global mistrust and division. At a time in which nearly 13,000 nuclear weapons are stockpiled around the world — and countries are working to improve their accuracy, reach and destructive power — this is a recipe for annihilation,’ warned UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Guterres also appealed to the countries running nuclear programs to stop nuclear testing immediately.

Moreover, ‘International Day Against Nuclear Tests’ was celebrated in the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. Speaking at this gathering, UN chief Guterres appealed to the concerned countries on the issue of approving the ‘Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty’. Guterres said these countries should agree by signing the described agreement without placing any conditions. For this, Guterres drew attention to the serious activities from the last year.

‘Since 1945, more than 2,000 nuclear tests have been conducted worldwide. It has had very serious consequences on the local people. They also face trouble breathing due to the poisonous gas,’ cited Guterres. Meanwhile, Guterres expressed concern over the increasing mistrust and differences between nuclear-armed countries for various reasons this year.

Moreover, these nations have over 13,000 nuclear weapons in their fleet. Despite this, Guterres drew attention to the issue that these countries continue to try to increase the accuracy and destructive capacity of their nuclear weapons. Guterres stated the need to take major steps to stop nuclear testing and free the world from nuclear weapons. Guterres claimed that all this would be possible only after a permanent ban on nuclear testing.

Furthermore, 186 out of 196 countries of the United Nations have signed the ‘Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty’. At the same time, 178 countries have approved this agreement. Other eight countries have disapproved of this agreement, and the United Nations has also criticised it. These countries include the United States, China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and India. Of these, Iran and Egypt are running nuclear programs. Iran is claimed to be very close to making a nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, North Korea has been continuously threatening the US and friendly countries with nuclear attacks for the past few days. It has also announced the deployment of nuclear weapons on its patrol vessels. Apart from this, reports of North Korea preparing to conduct the seventh nuclear test are also coming to the fore. Due to this tension in the Korean region, the appeal made by the United Nations Secretary-General drew much attention.


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