The West wants to win by disintegrating Russia

President Putin accuses

The West wants to win by disintegrating Russia

Moscow/Kyiv – Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Western leaders believed that Russia would completely disintegrate in a short time after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Moreover, they believed that only a little restraint would have to be exercised. Also, considering the size of the countries of the European continent, there is no need for Russia to be that huge, and the dissolution of Russia will make it possible to conquer it. At the same time, the Russian President criticised the US President’s statement that Russia would attack other NATO countries after its victory over Ukraine.

The West wants to win by disintegrating RussiaBesides, President Putin presented his stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and NATO during an interview in Russia. Responding to a question about attacking NATO, Putin said there is no such possibility, and NATO’s leadership is also fully aware of it. Putin further said that the US President, who has become the owner of NATO, is also aware of it. In addition, President Putin said, ‘Russia has no reason, no interest — no geopolitical interest, neither economic, political nor military — to fight with NATO countries.’

The West wants to win by disintegrating RussiaNonetheless, Russia is not in conflict with any NATO member country, including Finland. The dispute with a country like Finland also ended after the Second World War. However, problems may emerge further, warned Putin. President Putin said that Russia has started preparations to build a new military base in Leningrad city along with military deployment.

Furthermore, the arms stock of Ukraine, which wages an anti-Russian conflict, is now on the verge of exhaustion, and the country is suffering a huge loss of lives. Hence, the leaders of Ukraine are making great efforts to get additional arms aid and are claiming to be engaged in the struggle for the security of Europe. The West wants to win by disintegrating RussiaUS President Biden had demanded funds from US Congress, saying that Russia would attack the NATO countries after Ukraine. However, the Russian President rejected this claim in clear terms.

Meanwhile, Russia has said that it has destroyed more than 90 Ukrainian drones in the last 24 hours. The Russian Ministry of Defence informed that they also destroyed three Ukrainian fighter jets. At the same time, Russia is said to have killed more than 340 Ukrainian soldiers during the fierce conflicts in Donetsk and Kherson. Apart from this, there are ongoing attacks by the Ukrainian army along the Danube River, i.e. suicide operations, and the US newspaper has claimed that a large number of soldiers have been killed in it.



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