Gaza war is not only Israel’s but also of US

Israeli PM

Gaza war is not only Israel’s but also of US

Tel Aviv – Israeli military operation in Rafah killed a senior Hamas commander who was spending international funds for the Palestinians for Hamas terror activities. Also, the Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon have intensified, and the Hamas terrorists fired rockets near Tel Aviv. Besides, Yahya Sinwar and other terrorist leaders are still in the Gaza Strip, and Israel has deployed a large number of troops in Khan Yunis to search for them. Also, the Western allies are pressurising Israel to stop the action initiated in Gaza. However, the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip is not just for the Israeli citizens but also for the United States. Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that this is a conflict against the terrorist organisations linked to Iran. At the same time, Netanyahu has called on all the allies to support Israel in this war.

Gaza war is not only Israel's but also of USAdditionally, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Israel on Monday and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was reported that Austin had discussed the issue with Netanyahu, intending to pressure Israel to ease the military action in the Gaza Strip and start a ceasefire. However, the US Secretary of Defense clarified that they have not reached out to implicate Israel in any rules or deadlines and are not pressurising Israel. At the same time, the US Secretary of Defense announced that Israel will continue to support the anti-Hamas conflict in Gaza and Israel will continue to receive defence aid.

Gaza war is not only Israel's but also of USAfter the meeting with Austin, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also declared that Israel was waging a war to protect the civilisation. Simultaneously, Netanyahu said that the fight against Hamas in Gaza is not only Israel’s but of the US as well, as the US is responsible for the protection of world civilisation. Thus, the Gaza war is the responsibility of Israel as well as the United States. At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister reminded that the ongoing conflict was against Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza war is not only Israel's but also of USFor this, Netanyahu drew attention to the attacks launched by the Iran-linked Houthi rebels on foreign cargo ships in the Red Sea’s Bab al-Mandeb Strait. Nonetheless, Netanyahu said that these rebels are threatening the security of maritime traffic, and it is necessary to continue the struggle against the Iran-linked terrorist organisations. Later, the Israeli Prime Minister discussed the tension in the Red Sea against the backdrop of the Gaza conflict with the allies.

Furthermore, at least 20 Hamas terrorists have been claimed killed in the Gaza conflict in the last 24 hours. The Israeli military informed that Hamas financier was also amongst them. Apart from this, Hamas has claimed that 19,000 people have been killed in the 76-day Gaza conflict. Meanwhile, a Gaza-based Palestinian doctor informed the Israeli military that the Hamas terrorists had taken over the hospitals of Gaza and hid their terrorists.



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