European farmers’ protest intensifies after EU’s apathy

European farmers’ protest intensifies after EU’s apathy

Paris/Brussels – Due to the neglect and apathy of the European Union (EU), the discontent of the farmers in Europe has increased considerably, and their agitation is becoming fiercer. Earlier this year, farmers in Germany, Europe’s top economy, took to the streets to express their displeasure. This resentment has now begun to spread to other countries. Additionally, farmers have taken to the streets in France, Italy, Belgium and Romania to express their anger.

European farmers agitation festers after Eu's apathyNonetheless, the EU has ignored the agricultural sector in the last few years, prioritising the environment, biological diversity, free trade agreements and cheap imports. In addition, European farmers constantly claim that the policies and regulations of the environmental and biodiversity-related sectors are harmful to agriculture. At the same time, there was not much financial provision to compensate for the loss of agriculture due to dry and depleted water sources.

European farmers agitation festers after Eu's apathyMoreover, the crop is not getting a fair price in European countries, and in such a situation, the EU has allowed grain import from Ukraine and other countries at a lower cost. This has caused huge losses to the farmers of Europe, and their discontent is becoming more intense due to a lack of income from farming. Meanwhile, some European countries have decided to cancel subsidies for the fuel used for agriculture to handle the economic situation. Also, the protesting farmers in France and Belgium reacted by saying that this had triggered the farmers’ anger and there was no option but to protest.

European farmers agitation festers after Eu's apathyFrance, one of Europe’s top economies, is said to be the highest agricultural-producing country in the EU. Thus, by protesting, the French farmers have drawn the attention of the entire world, along with Europe. Since last week, farmers in France have disrupted normal life by blocking highways in different regions of the country. This week, the organisations of French farmers have indicated to target the French capital, Paris. Apart from this, France’s main opposition has supported this movement of farmers, the National Rally.

Furthermore, security has been increased in nearby areas, including the capital, Paris, after warnings from French farmers. Overall, 15,000 police have been deployed to protect the capital, Paris. Besides, the French government provided information on deploying additional security forces at the Paris border.

European farmers agitation festers after Eu's apathyThe movement, which started in Germany and France, has now spread to Italy, Belgium and Romania. Farmers have taken to the streets with tractors in most countries, and highway traffic has been disrupted. Further, elections to the European Parliament will be held in June. Moreover, analysts warn that the farmers’ issue will likely arise and could become difficult for the ruling factions of the EU’s major countries, including France and Germany.



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