Hamas’ second-ranking leader, Saleh Arouri, killed in drone attack in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut

Hamas’ second-ranking leader, Saleh Arouri, killed in drone attack in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut

Beirut – Saleh Arouri, Hamas’ second-in-command leader, was under the security of Hezbollah in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and has been killed in a drone attack by Israel. The Lebanese media shared information that Israel had carried out the attack. In addition, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has threatened that the Israeli attack will have severe consequences. Therefore, a big discussion has started on the issue of whether Lebanon’s Hezbollah will also enter the Israel-Hamas war currently underway in Gaza.

Moreover, Saleh Arouri was known as the founder of Hamas’ military group, al-Qassam Brigades. Also, there are claims that Saleh was the second-ranking leader of the Hamas political faction after Ismail Haniyeh. Besides, Saleh Arouri was handling the responsibility of meeting Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian government chief Ayatollah Khamenei on behalf of Hamas. Second in command leader of Hamas Aruri killed in drone attack in Lebanon's capital Beirut, hence Hezbollah gave serious warning to IsraelArouri was at the top of the wanted list of Israel and the United States. In such a situation, the most important leader of Hamas has been killed by a drone attack in the Lebanese capital; this is a big blow to Hezbollah and Iran standing behind Hamas.

Nonetheless, Israel has not acknowledged this attack, yet Israel is being accused through Hezbollah and Lebanon media of carrying out this attack. Hezbollah chief Nasrallah also warned, ‘We affirm that this crime will never pass without response and punishment.’ At the same time, analysts in the region are expressing concern that the Gaza war will now engulf the entire Gulf region due to the killing of Arouri. In the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, if Hezbollah enters the war in favour of Hamas, its consequences can be very dangerous. This is because Hezbollah has at least ten times more capacity than that of Hamas, the US think tanks claim.

However, Israel has so far refrained from reacting to the attack. However, the Israeli leaders have made a statement that Israel is ready to fight Gaza and Lebanon simultaneously on these two fronts or more. Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said that if the political efforts to establish peace on the Lebanese border fail, Israel will establish peace through military action.



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