52 killed in Israeli military raid in Rafah

52 killed in Israeli military raid in Rafah

Tel Aviv/Rafah – The Hamas-affiliated health organisation has accused the Israel Defense Forces of killing 52 people in the action taken in Rafah, Gaza, late on Sunday night. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), along with the Shin Bet (ISA) and special police team, undertook an operation and securely rescued two abducted civilians held hostage by Hamas. A few hours ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Hamas terrorists used to hide using the abducted civilians as shields in the Rafah area of Gaza. Thus, the release of these abducted citizens from Rafah confirms Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claims. Netanyahu had also warned that victory over Rafah is necessary to defeat Hamas.

52 killed in Israeli military raid in RafahBesides, it had already become clear that Hamas terrorists were using Israeli-abducted civilians as shields. In Khan Yunis, Hamas terrorists had escaped similarly using abducted civilians. Because of this, the Israeli army had difficulty in rescuing the abducted civilians in Khan Yunis. However, the Israeli Defense Forces informed that necessary preparations were made long ago to rescue the civilians abducted from Rafah. However, the Israeli Defense Forces said they were waiting for the right time.

On Sunday night, a joint team of Israel’s internal security agencies, Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces and special police forces in an operation in Rafah, rescued two abducted civilians, Simon Marman and Louis Har. Hamas terrorists abducted the two from the Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak region of Israel on October 7. Both were admitted to the hospital in Shiba by helicopter for a health examination. The Israel Defense Forces launched fierce attacks on Rafah to secure the release of the abducted civilians.

Moreover, the Hamas-linked health system in Gaza has alleged that 52 people were killed in the Israeli attack in the area south of Rafah. At the same time, the Lebanese-based pro-Hezbollah news agency has said that at least 100 people were killed in the Israeli action in Rafah. The details of Rafah’s action have not been made public by the Israel Defense Forces. However, Israel has been making a strong statement for the last three days that it is very necessary to take action in Rafah.

In addition, US President Joe Biden had opposed the Israeli military operation in Rafah. Furthermore, Israel had demanded to stop the ongoing action by indicating that it should not pose a threat to the safety of Palestinian civilians in Rafah.





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