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Scotland can’t be kept in UK against its will, warns Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon  

London: The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon issued an ultimatum to the UK saying that ‘If the United Kingdom is to continue as a federation it can only be by consent. If the UK government thinks saying no to Scotland for another referendum is the end of the matter, then they are going to find themselves completely and utterly wrong. It is the basic principle of democracy. You cannot hold Scotland in the union against its will’.  

The Conservative party led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a complete majority with 365 seats in the elections held last week. At the same time, the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) emerged victorious with 48 seats out of 59 for Scotland, in the UK parliament. However, the Conservative party had to be satisfied with just six seats. The Scottish National Party stated that getting 45% of the total votes in Scotland was an unexpected and decisive win.   

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed that the Scottish people had given their verdict in favour of the Scottish National Party thereby rejecting the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Sturgeon has been reiterating her statement in every media interaction she made after the election results and has taken an aggressive stance on the matter. She said that it was necessary to give one more opportunity to Scotland for a referendum.   

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon forwarded the demand for Scottish independence saying that ‘The Scottish independence is once again gaining ground and the Scots have given their vote to the people supporting it. The people’s majority is not only for Scottish independence but also so that Scotland gets to decide its future.’ Also, Sturgeon asserted that if Prime Minister Boris Johnson was firm on continuing with the United Kingdom, he has to allow the people to decide their future, as she pushed forth the demand.   

Prime Minister Johnson has opposed Sturgeon’s demand and clarified his stand on the Scottish independence and referendum in a telephonic discussion, sources said. Cabinet minister Michael Gove endorsed the report and underscored that the referendum held in 2014 was decisive and accepted. Even though Johnson and the Conservative party have opposed a second referendum, the opposition Labour Party has supported the demand.  

The Scottish National Party, ruling in Scotland since 2010, has consistently and aggressively pressed its demand for Scottish independence. Although 55% of the people had rejected the proposal for independence in a referendum held five years ago, the Scottish National Party persistently maintained its stance on the matter. In 2016, the British population decided to exit from the European Union (EU). At the same time, the Scots had voted in favour of remaining in the EU. By highlighting the fact, Scottish leaders are now asserting that they want to separate from the UK and stay as part of the EU.  

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