Indian counter strike kills 12 Pakistani soldiers, destroys Pak security posts

Srinagar: The Indian Army retaliated strongly after the Pakistan ceasefire violation at the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir. On Thursday, the Indian army destroyed the Pakistani security posts along the LoC close to the Sundarbani sector killing 12 Pakistani soldiers. The dead include 2 Pakistan officials while 22 soldiers were reportedly injured. For the last two days, the Indo-Pak armies were locked in fierce two-way gun battle in the Sundarbani sector which martyred an Indian soldier on Thursday.

The Indian Air Force had attacked a terrorist facility at Balakot targeting terrorists. After that, the Pakistani military violated the ceasefire along the LoC at Jammu and Kashmir initiating fierce shelling and mortar attack. At the same time, the Pakistani army continued to launch long-range artillery shelling in the area as well. The assault was causing damage to the civilian property, and the Indian military warned Pakistan over it saying that the Indian army never resorts to such attacks. For a few hours, the Pakistan shelling had ceased although it resumed soon after. In the Rajouri and Sunderbani sectors along the LoC, the intensity of the gunfire and mortar shelling was found to be increasing for the last few days.

The Indian army is retaliating to the attacks and has reportedly deployed the Bofors guns in the area for teaching Pak a lesson. The military gave a tit-for-tat reply to Pakistan by beginning sniping action. However, the Indian soldier Yash Paul was martyred in the Pakistani assault on Thursday. After that, the Indian army launched aggressive strikes at the Pakistani security posts along the LoC wrecking them and killing 12 soldiers. These include 2 Pak officers while the toll of injured soldiers is said to have risen to 22. Furthermore, sources claim Pakistan had sent helicopters for the transfer of the mortal remains of their soldiers.

On Friday, a conflict sparked between the two armies in the Poonch sector along the LoC. Pakistan began heavy gun and mortar shelling in an attempt to seek revenge for its loss. Albeit, the Pakistani aggression was met with a fierce reply from the Indian army. The locals claim that war has flared up along the LoC and that people from many villages have been moved to safer places. Meanwhile, the Chief of the Indian Army Northern Command Lieutenant Gen. Ranbir Singh visited the Rajouri sector. At the time, he checked the security posts in the area, had a direct word with the troops deployed here and assessed the war-preparedness.

On Saturday, Pakistan will be celebrating its National Day and India had also been sent an invite for the event. Although India rejected the invite accusing Pakistan of provocation as it had also sent an invite to the separatists in the nation. India has suggested taking stern action over the separatists that accept the Pakistani invite and choose to attend the event. Therefore, the relations between the two nations have strained and do not seem likely to deescalate soon.

What’s more, is that the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has linked the escalating tensions to the upcoming Indian elections saying that they would continue to exacerbate. Imran Khan has also stated that Pakistan requires to maintain war-readiness until the elections conclude in India. However, the Pakistani analysts have cautioned their government, asserting that the elections had nothing to do with the bold stand India has adopted. They demanded the Pak government to take a look into the matter more seriously.

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