If not stopped, the Ukraine war could culminate into Third World War: former US President Donald Trump 

Washington – Former US President Donald Trump warned, ‘If the war between Russia and Ukraine is not stopped immediately and negotiations are not started between the two countries, the third world war will break out. After that, there will be nothing left on this planet.’ Demanding that a peace process should begin between Russia and Ukraine, former President Trump made crushing criticism that the stupidity of the Biden administration was responsible for this war. Trump also claimed that the war between Russia and Ukraine would not have been sparked if he had returned to office as the US President in the 2020 elections.  


Former President Trump spoke at the ‘Save America’ rally in Minden, Nevada, USA. In the run-up to next month’s US midterm elections, Donald Trump has launched a powerful campaign against the Biden administration. It has begun receiving an overwhelming response from the public, and the Biden administration appears to have become restless. In particular, accusing that the war between Russia and Ukraine resulted from the Biden administration’s irresponsible policies, former President Trump warned that the entire world, including the United States, would have to suffer the terrible consequences of the war. Trump had warned earlier as well that if the Russia-Ukraine war is not stopped soon, it will transform into the third world war.  

Speaking at a rally in Minden on Saturday, Trump once again expressed concern that the Russia-Ukraine war would spark World War III. Saying that the irresponsible attitude of the Biden administration has led to this situation, Trump has brought to the attention of the US people that Biden’s policies are more responsible for this war than Russian President Putin. The Supreme Leader of Christianity, Pope Francis and some international leaders claimed that the war in Ukraine was triggered due to provocation from the US and NATO. The process to include Ukraine into NATO was followed by Russian military incursion into Ukraine, a sequence that Pope Francis and other leaders pointed out.  


While criticising Putin for attacking Ukraine, US opposition leaders have also blamed the irresponsible policies of the Biden administration for the Ukraine war. It includes former US Secretary of State and senior diplomat Henry Kissinger. Following the threat issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, significant repercussions were felt worldwide when he said Russia would not hesitate to launch a nuclear attack in self-defence. After that, the criticism against Biden had sharpened immensely. The claim made by the Biden administration that Russian President Putin is entirely responsible for the war in Ukraine is not being accepted even in US political circles.  

It has raised the prospect of a backlash against the Biden administration on its stance on the war in Ukraine in next month’s US midterm elections. This situation seems to have assigned great significance to the campaign undertaken by former President Trump after he made crushing criticism against the policies of the Biden administration and tried to make the US population aware of the policies adopted by the administration. 

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