The US tanks in Ukraine will be destroyed

- Russia clearly warns 

Moscow/Kyiv/Berlin – There were unrealistic claims about the US tanks being sent to Ukraine. However, like other systems in Ukraine, the US tanks will also be burnt to ashes, warned Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson of the Russian government. In the background of the ongoing debates for the past few days, the United States and Germany have announced to supply tanks to Ukraine. There has been a strong reaction from Russia to this announcement, and Russia has warned that deploying Western tanks will take the Russia-Ukraine conflict to a different level.

The US tanks

Over the past month, Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have been progressively intensifying. Ukrainian leaders, as well as military officials, have acknowledged this. Besides, it has surfaced that the blood-stained conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the city of Bakhmut in Eastern Ukraine has led to claims that it has become difficult for Ukrainian forces to keep up. Against this backdrop, Ukraine has planned to launch new counter-attacks on Russia and withdraw the Russian forces. Hence, Western countries have been continuously demanding advanced weapons and defence systems. Moreover, Ukraine has said tanks were needed to push back the Russian army and turn the tide of war.

The US tanks

However, it had surfaced that severe differences have arisen in the Western alliance on this issue. European countries, including the US, had pressured Germany in this matter. But, pointing fingers at the United States, Germany had taken a stand that any single country cannot take the decision. Moreover, meetings and discussions about this had been going on for several days. Finally, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the supply of Leopard 2 tanks on Wednesday. The German government announced the delivery of 14 tanks to Ukraine in a statement. In addition, other European countries will also be allowed to supply Leopard 2, said Germany.

Furthermore, the US and Germany also announced the provision of tanks M1 Abrams. Apart from that, American sources have said that they would provide 30 Abrams tanks. A few days ago, the US announced to supply of the Patriot missile system and the Bradley tanks. After missiles and tanks, Ukraine has started to push forward even the demand for fighter jets. Besides, sources in Ukraine have demanded F-16 fighter jets from European countries. Severe reactions come from Russia , in the background of the US and European countries providing advanced weapons.

After the Russian government spokesman Peskov warned of the destruction of tanks, the Russian ambassador to the United States was also warned aggressively. Additionally, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov has said that US weapons were not defensive but were openly provoking Russia and, more intensely, flaring up the conflict.

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