Taiwan accuses 42 Chinese aircraft of intruding during war drills

Taiwan accuses 42 Chinese aircraft of intruding during war drills

Taipei/Beijing – On Saturday, China began comprehensive war drills in Taiwan’s territory. Besides, China has claimed that this war exercise is a strong warning to Taiwanese separatists. Taiwan has alleged that 42 Chinese aircraft intruded into Taiwan’s airspace during the drills.

Chinese aircraftLast week, Taiwan’s Vice President William Lai quickly visited the United States. Lai’s visit has caused China discomfort, and in response, China has started a major military exercise. Moreover, China has said that the Chinese Army, Navy and Air Force are involved in the drills and will conduct a Live Fire Exercise (LFX) during this time.

Nonetheless, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has alleged that more than 40 Chinese fighter and patrol aircraft intruded into Taiwan’s territory after it began its war drills on Saturday. Taiwan also stated that more than nine patrol ships and warships had crossed the median line between Taiwan and China. Taiwan‘s Ministry of Defense has also shared that 123 patrol ships and warships with around 211 Chinese aircraft have intruded into Taiwan’s territory since early August.


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