Israel seeks to normalise relations with more Arab countries – Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen

Israel seeks to normalise relations with more Arab countries – Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen

Manama – Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen declared that Israel wants to also cooperate with other Arab countries along with UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. They are also eager to cooperate with Israel. Besides, the Israeli Embassy was opened in Manama, Bahrain, a few days ago. Against this backdrop, the Israeli Foreign Minister, who is visiting Bahrain, put forth the issue of cooperation with other Arab countries.

Moreover, three years ago, in 2020, with the mediation of then-US President Donald Trump, Israel signed the historic Abraham Accords with the Arab countries UAE and Bahrain. Before that, Israel had established cooperation with Egypt and Jordan. However, this was Israel’s first cooperation with major Arab countries in the Gulf. The normalisation that was essential for peace in the Gulf was welcomed worldwide. In addition, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also responded positively to this cooperation.

Against this background, Israel has been trying to establish cooperation with Saudi and other Arab countries for the last few years. Besides, Israel’s Embassy was opened in Manama four days ago, and Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen was present at this time. Moreover, Cohen said Israel was ready to establish peaceful cooperation with other Arab and Muslim countries, and some countries have also shown eagerness for it. However, the Israeli Foreign Minister refrained from naming these countries.

Furthermore, Cohen visited Libya last week and met with the foreign minister to discuss establishing cooperation. Libya’s foreign minister had to resign after the information was made public in the media. Libya is known as an Israel-hating country. Hence, protests and arson had begun in Libya after the news of this country taking the initiative to cooperate with Israel came to light.


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