Ukraine can obtain NATO membership once it gives up rights to Russia-occupied territory

– NATO official claims

Ukraine can obtain NATO membership once it gives up rights to Russia-occupied territory

Brussels/ Kyiv: ‘If Ukraine gives up the rights of the territory occupied by Russia, it can get NATO membership in return. This issue is already being discussed in NATO. It could be a possible cure to end the conflict’, a sensational claim by NATO official Stian Jenssen. Ukraine has made a sharp statement on this claim. Ukraine’s advisor has warned by saying that Ukraine will never give up the rights of its territory.

NATODuring a discussion, Stian Jenssen, the chief of staff to the NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, made a statement on the issue of Ukraine and NATO. Norway’s newspaper named ‘VG’ has published this news. During a discussion on a news channel, Jenssen referred to various NATO proposals to stop the conflict and stated the issue of Russia giving up the right to occupy the territory.

A few months ago, a Swiss newspaper also released related news. It claimed that William Burns, the head of the US intelligence agency ‘CIA’, made a secret visit to Russia. During this, Burns proposed ‘Land for Peace’ to Russia. According to this, 20 per cent of the territory of Ukraine would be under the occupation of Russia and in return, Russia would stop the struggle, it was said. However, the United States and Russia denied it.

Moreover, senior US diplomat Henry Kissinger also said the same in his initial statement that Russia should give up the rights of occupied territory to Ukraine and hold peace talks. Ukraine strongly criticised Kissinger on this. Now even after the described proposal of the NATO official, Ukraine has reacted sharply.

Ukraine’s Senior Advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak, has expressed strong displeasure over this statement and clarified that Ukraine will never accept such a proposal. In his statement, Podolyak said it was a ridiculous proposal. NATO member states have stayed away from reacting to the statement. A few days ago, the senior minister of Ukraine mentioned that the Western countries were busy putting pressure on them for political talks.


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