Activities augment at nuclear testing sites of US, Russia and China

– US news channel reports

Activities augment at nuclear testing sites of US, Russia and China

Washington: These three countries, viz., the US, Russia and China, have done new construction work near the nuclear testing centres in their countries. In the last three to five years, new bases, stores and roads have been constructed by digging tunnels in the hills near these bases. Leading US news channel ‘CNN’ has released this news with photos received from the satellite. The concrete reason behind these nuclear activities is not yet clear. However, due to the Ukraine conflict that has been going on for the last one and a half years, there has been greater tension between the United States, Russia and China than ever before. In such a situation, the secret nuclear activities of the United States, Russia and China are augmenting apprehension.

Moreover, these activities have been witnessed near nuclear bases in the desert of Nevada in the United States, the Arctic Islands of Russia and the Xinjiang province of China. A news channel named ‘CNN’ has released satellite photos of areas close to the nuclear bases of the United States, Russia and China. These photos reveal that a large amount of vehicular traffic has started along with related construction work within the boundaries of these three nuclear centres, a claim made by Jeffrey Lewis, a professor at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

These new construction works indicate that the United States, Russia and China are preparing to conduct nuclear tests, Lewis said while talking to the US news channel. These three countries have not conducted underground nuclear tests since the 1996 nuclear ban agreement. The United States and China had signed this agreement. However, these two countries have not approved this agreement, Lewis underscored. Retired Colonel Cedric Leighton of the US Air Force has said that due to the activities and construction work done near the nuclear base, these three countries seem to be engaged in conducting new nuclear tests.

US analysts, former officials, and think tanks claim that Russia and China can also conduct nuclear tests besides the United States. Russia, caught in the Ukraine conflict, can conduct nuclear tests to show its capability; this has been claimed by Jeffrey Lewis and a group called ‘Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’. The US news channel has also drawn attention to the fact that former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had threatened nuclear attacks in the last few months. Besides, the news channel mentions that Belarus President Lukashenko had also announced the receipt of nuclear weapons from Russia.

At the same time, China’s nuclear program is not as advanced as that of the United States and Russia. The United States and Russia have conducted hundreds of nuclear tests. In comparison, China has conducted only 40 nuclear tests. All these tests were done in the 1980s. Because of this, China does not have modern information about the devastation caused by the explosion of the atomic bomb. The US news channel has also drawn attention to this fact. Because of this, this news channel also claimed that China can conduct nuclear tests to increase the capability of its nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, the United States, Russia and China have not shared any details regarding these ongoing secret activities near the nuclear testing centres. However, the nuclear activities undertaken by these three countries in the last three to five years are increasing apprehension and tension.


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