Israel launches strikes against militants at Lebanon border after Hezbollah’s rocket attack

Israel launches strikes against militants at Lebanon border after Hezbollah’s rocket attack

Jerusalem/Beirut: Ten days ago, Hamas terrorists entered the Israeli border and carried out a gruesome attack targeting the local people. The entire world was shocked by the cruelty shown by Hamas terrorists. In such a situation, Lebanon’s terrorist organisation Hezbollah has tried to get ahead of this attack by Hamas. Hezbollah terrorists have also fired rockets at Israel. On the other hand, they even tried infiltrating Israel’s border. This time, the alert Israeli security agencies targeted Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Besides, four infiltrating terrorists of Hezbollah were also killed. In such a situation, Hezbollah is expected to launch more vigorous attacks on Israel in the coming days.

Moreover, Israel had already alleged that the terrorist organisation Hezbollah, in collaboration with Iran and Syria, has hidden many weapons in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Israel had alleged that Hezbollah had stored these missiles near places of worship, schools and hospitals. Israel also said Hezbollah had deployed these missiles near Lebanon’s southern border. On the other hand, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah claimed to have a stockpile of about a hundred thousand rockets and missiles. The head of Hezbollah had threatened to bombard Israel with rockets and missiles if Israel carried out military activities against Iran.

After the conflict between Israel and Hamas broke out last week, Hezbollah announced opening a new front of struggle against Israel. Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdollahian was also reported to have met the head of Hezbollah to discuss the issue of anti-Israel action. Also, Iran had threatened that if Israel did not stop the military action in Gaza, a new front would be opened against it. Hezbollah chief Nasrallah and deputy chief Naim Qassem had also threatened to carry out major attacks on Israel.

Sensing the threat of Hezbollah, Israel evacuated its citizens in an area two kilometres from the southern border of Lebanon to a safe place. Rocket attacks on Israel have started from the Lebanese border for the last four days. Besides, Hezbollah terrorists have also tried to infiltrate into Israel. In response to these attacks by Hezbollah, Israel claims to have killed nine terrorists to date. Also, the Israeli army has released a video of air strikes targeting the bases built by Hezbollah in Lebanon’s Metula area.

After Hamas, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has also opened an anti-Israel military front. Meanwhile, rockets are also being fired from the Syrian border in the direction of the Golan Heights under Israeli control. Israeli security forces had foiled these attacks from Syria. However, it is being claimed that there may be attacks from Lebanon and Syria to challenge Israel’s security in the future.

Meanwhile, Israel is accusing Iran of deploying Quds Force troops in Syria. At the same time, there are reports of terrorist organisations linked to Iran in Iraq getting ready for an anti-Israel conflict.