US to deploy nuclear weapons in UK again, given tensions mounting with Russia

US to deploy nuclear weapons in UK again, given tensions mounting with Russia

New Delhi: During the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia constantly pressured Western countries and Ukraine by mentioning its nuclear capabilities. Realising Russia’s nuclear potential, the issue of Russia’s nuclear weapons preparation proved important in postponing many decisions for Ukraine by the US and European countries. Against this background, the United States has now decided to increase its nuclear capacity in Europe to challenge Russia and has indicated deploying nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom.

The US Defense Department document mentions deploying new nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom. New nuclear weapons will be deployed at Lakenheath Airport in Suffolk province of the United Kingdom. For this, the US Defense Department has asked for a fund of $50 million. Two squadrons of US F-35A fighter planes capable of attacking nuclear weapons will likely be deployed at this base.

Moreover, the top British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ has issued a related circular. These fighter jets will enter here by the end of this year, the sources of the US Defense Department claim. The British newspaper has also said that if this happens, it will be the first time since 2008 that US nuclear weapons will be deployed in the United Kingdom.

In 1954, during the Cold War, the United States had chosen a ‘Lakenheath’ base to deploy its nuclear weapons. After this, 110 nuclear weapons of the United States were deployed at this British base for a total of 54 years. After the end of the Cold War, opposition to US nuclear weapons increased in the United Kingdom. Due to this, in 2008, the United States removed its nuclear weapons deployed at this base.

But now, the United States is again preparing to deploy its fighter planes and nuclear weapons at this base. Analysts and former officials claim that this is a clear sign of the beginning of a new cold war. The United States had never publicly acknowledged its nuclear deployment in Europe before. However, the UK deployment appears to be an exception.


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