US launches airstrikes on Iran bases in Syria

– Iran threatens retaliation

US launches airstrikes on Iran bases in Syria

Washington/ Tehran: US fighter planes carried out air strikes on terrorist targets set up by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and terrorist organisations linked to Iran in Syria. Due to this, there has been huge damage to both bases, and there is a possibility of casualties in the attacks. Terrorists linked to Iran have attacked US troops deployed in Iraq and Syria for the past two weeks. In response to this and for self-defence, the Pentagon announced this action. US President Joe Biden has warned that attacks on US soldiers in the Middle East will not be tolerated. At the same time, Iran has warned the United States at the United Nations that they will not be spared at all. 

Israel has launched a military campaign against Gaza Strip‘s Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. In support of this action by Israel, the United States has deployed its fleet of aircraft carrier warships, destroyers and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, in the last three weeks, weapons have been provided to Israel from more than 50 US military cargo planes. Along with the Mediterranean Sea, the United States has also deployed warships in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea areas.

Iran-linked terrorist organisations based in Iraq and Syria have launched 16 drone, rocket and missile attacks on US military bases and troops in the last two weeks, alleging that the US is supporting Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. One person died and 21 US soldiers were injured. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had accused Iran of being responsible for the attacks on the US soldiers in Iraq-Syria in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). 

Two days later, on Friday morning, US’s F-15E fighter planes launched fierce attacks in the eastern part of Syria. The United States targeted the Al-Bukamal and Al-Tanf areas there. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin has said that this action was taken in self-defence against the enemy who was targeting the US soldiers. Also, Austin has indicated that Iran should not test the US’ mettle by attacking soldiers. US President Biden has also warned that he will not tolerate attacks on US soldiers deployed in the Middle East. Currently, 1,000 US soldiers are deployed in the Euphrates River area on the northern side of Syria.  

Due to this US action against Iran’s bases in Syria, US analysts are claiming that the possibility of direct conflict between Iran and the United States will increase in the future. 

Iran has alleged that even though Israel is taking military action in the Gaza Strip, the United States is behind it. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had alleged that the United States supports Israel’s attacks on Palestinian civilians and that the United States is as guilty of war as Israel. Khamenei had also indicated that the United States should stop Israel’s attacks in Gaza. However, the United States has declared that Israel has the full right to self-defence.

On this background, while speaking from the podium of the United Nations on Thursday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Aamir Abdollahian threatened the United States. Iran’s Foreign Minister has threatened that if the massacre in the Gaza Strip is not stopped, not only Israel but also the United States will not be spared. Iran is ready to play its role in protecting Palestinians and Qatar and Turkey will also join in, Abdollahian warned. After this, the scope of the Israel-Hamas conflict will increase and this conflict will increase the possibility of a US-Iran conflict starting in the Middle East, claim US analysts.


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