600 civilians killed in Hamas attack on Israel

- Israel claimed to have slain 400 Hamas militants

600 civilians killed in Hamas attack on Israel

Jerusalem: Hamas attacked Israel with 2,500 rockets for the second consecutive day. So far, 600 Israeli civilians have been killed in these attacks by Hamas and the Israeli agency informed that 44 were soldiers. Israeli intelligence has also stated that the number of Israeli citizens abducted by Hamas terrorists is more than 100. Meanwhile, 400 people have been killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza and Israel has shared information about the detention of some Hamas terrorists. Israeli forces are fighting a fierce battle with Hamas on the Gaza border. The pro-Iranian terrorist organisation Hezbollah has attacked Israel with rocket attacks from the northern Lebanon border. Israel will have to fight this war simultaneously on several fronts; this has become clear from the attacks from the Lebanon border.

Moreover, after firing thousands of rockets at Israel on Saturday, Hamas terrorists entered the Israeli border. Israeli soldiers also clashed with these militants on Sunday. Besides, on Sunday, Israel launched new air strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza. Many buildings in Gaza have collapsed in these attacks. There are indications that Israel will launch even more intense attacks in the future. An Israeli official provided information that 400 Hamas terrorists have been killed in Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, claims have been published that the Israeli government has contacted Egypt and started talks to release 100 Israeli citizens kidnapped by Hamas. However, Israel has rejected these claims.

Furthermore, Hezbollah has started launching rocket attacks on Israel from the Lebanon border. After this, there were reports of Israel evacuating its citizens from residential areas close to the Lebanese border. For the past few months, threats were being made that Hamas, Hezbollah and other anti-Israel organisations would harass Israel by firing thousands of rockets simultaneously. The claims were also being made that Hamas and Hezbollah had stockpiled thousands of rockets for these attacks. Former officers of the Israel Defense Forces had also expressed serious concern on this issue. This threat appears to be coming true as Hezbollah launched an attack from the Lebanese border on Sunday.

Besides, Iran had declared support for this attack by Hamas on Israel. On Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi again supported Hamas by holding discussions with their leaders. At the same time, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held discussions on the phone with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Germany’s Chancellor Scholz, Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni and Ukraine’s President Zelensky. These leaders have condemned Hamas’ attack on Israel and announced their support to Israel. Meanwhile, Arab and other Middle East countries have called for an immediate stop to this conflict.

The Middle Eastern analysts are saying that an even more intense conflict will break out in the coming days; Israel will try to launch attacks that destroy Hamas and those plotting against them. Hamas has attacked Israel, killed hundreds of Israeli civilians, and given those who hate Israel an opportunity to rejoice. However, Palestinians will have to suffer its fatal consequences. Israel attacked 426 targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. There is a strong possibility of Israel directly occupying the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas.

Israel will have to fight a tough war for a long time; this was the message given by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to his countrymen. For this reason, the Israeli Prime Minister is eliminating the possibility of retreating and reaching a compromise in the mentioned war. While carrying out these attacks, Hamas may have also considered Israel’s sharp retaliatory attacks in advance, and this is being felt by analysts worldwide. Because of this, the intensity of the described war will not reduce in the days to come. Instead, the explosion of this war will not go without engulfing the entire region, observers have expressed this possibility.

Meanwhile, heartbreaking videos of Hamas torturing Israeli women and children have gone viral on social media. By taking cognizance of the matter, the people of democratic countries are claiming that these terrorists have started a war against the whole world. This cannot be seen only as a war between Israel and Hamas. Rather, some analysts have called for seeing this as a war launched by terrorists against humanity.