Hurricane of mass migration to hit UK shores soon

– British Home Secretary warns

Hurricane of mass migration to hit UK shores soon

London: Due to the failure in stopping the influx of migrants, flocks of migrants will soon hit the shores of the United Kingdom, and it will be difficult to control them, British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has warned. Braverman also rebuked the human rights organisations standing in favour of migrants, rules and the group of specific critics supporting them.

The issue of migrants is becoming increasingly serious in Europe, including the United Kingdom. In some parts of the United Kingdom, groups of these migrants are attacking local people, and their numbers are reported to be very high in criminal cases of theft, murder and torture. The truth about the surge in atrocities on daughters and women by these migrants has also come to light from the survey. Human rights organisations impose rules to prevent action against these migrants. They are receiving political support for it as well.

Meanwhile, some factions of the ruling party in the United Kingdom are coming together to stop the influx of migrants. Two days ago, a special program was organised on the issue of migrants in the UK city of Manchester. Braverman, the British Home Secretary who is said to be the election candidate for the designation of Prime Minister, has indicated that a hurricane of mass migration will soon hit the shores of the United Kingdom. Braverman has also warned that it will be difficult to stop this uncontrolled storm.

For this, Braverman cited her example; Braverman’s parents came to the United Kingdom from Kenya and Mauritius in the 20th century. ‘However, the situation then was completely different. At that time, they migrated in search of a job. However, the current migration may destroy the British identity,’ Braverman indicated. Braverman also claimed that the instance of multiculturalism for accepting migration had also failed.