Putin orders to end Ukrainian counteroffensive by October

Putin orders to end Ukrainian counteroffensive by October

Moscow/Kyiv – Russia launched a cruise missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Odesa as the intensity of Ukraine’s ongoing attacks on Russia has increased. The attack targeted the port of Odesa city, grain stores and hotels. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has ordered his defence minister to end Ukraine’s ability to launch a counteroffensive by the start of October as Ukraine’s attacks on Russia increase. As a result, there is a possibility of more dangerous attacks by Russia on Ukraine in the coming days.

On Sunday night, Russia attacked the Ukrainian city of Odesa with a 12-Kalibr cruise missile and two P-800 Oniks supersonic missiles. Ukraine has claimed that the warships and submarines fired the missile. The attack was so powerful that it caused huge damage to the grain storage setup and port in Odesa. Besides, the local people have shared that the attack has also damaged the hotel buildings currently closed in this city. Meanwhile, the attack has killed four people and injured 13. However, Ukraine has shared different information about this attack. Additionally, Ukraine has claimed that its systems shot down the Russian drones and destroyed all the missiles fired by Russia.

counteroffensiveMoreover, the Southern Command spokesman of the Ukrainian Army claimed that Russia was currently testing Ukraine’s air defence system, and thus, Russia had carried out these attacks. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s attacks on Russia seem to be increasing due to the advanced weapons and defence equipment provided to Ukraine by the US and other NATO member countries. Moreover, this has started causing losses to Russia, and the Ukrainian Army’s attack on Crimea and the attack on the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet have proved to be major shocks from Ukraine to Russia. Enraged with this, Russia is expected to respond swiftly to these attacks.

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his Defence Minister to end the Ukrainian Army’s ability to carry out counter-attacks by the start of October. President Putin has given clear instructions during the discussion with Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. Nonetheless, there are clear chances of the Russian Army launching more severe attacks on Ukraine soon to implement his orders quickly. Also, Russia can use its latest advanced weapons and missiles for these attacks.

Moreover, Russia has adopted a policy of gradually increasing the intensity of this conflict without using its full potential to attack Ukraine. Therefore, some strategic analysts claim that Russia is not yet using its full military might in this conflict, which started 20 months ago. Some Russian leaders also brought this fact to the attention of Ukraine and the international community. However, the Russian President’s orders to his Defence Minister are decisive, and Russia will likely use its military strength more aggressively against Ukraine. As a result, there are indications that the Ukraine conflict will become more destructive and that the US and NATO member countries standing in favour of Ukraine may also suffer a setback.


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