China deploys six destroyers to Gulf as war in Middle East may flare up

China deploys six destroyers to Gulf as war in Middle East may flare up

Beijing: The US had deployed a group of aircraft carriers to the Gulf to assist the anti-terrorism struggle initiated by Israel. A few days later, the news of six Chinese destroyers entering the same area was published. After this topic began to be discussed, the Chinese embassy had to disclose details on it. The deployment of Chinese warships in the Middle East is unrelated to the Israel-Hamas conflict and China has stated that this deployment is taking place as per the scheduled program. There are strong allegations that, along with Iran, China is also behind the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on Israel. Because of this, despite many revelations made by China, everyone is watching this deployment of China to the Gulf region with apprehension.

Last week, a huge US aircraft carrier, USS Gerald Ford, and its fleet reached close to Israel’s territorial waters. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had stated that this deployment was to support the military campaign launched by Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah. Besides, news was received that the United States would now send its aircraft carrier ‘USS Dwight Eisenhower’ with its entire fleet towards the Persian Gulf. It is also claimed that the United States is making deployments to protect its interests in the Middle East in case Iran joins the war against Israel. Additionally, US amphibious aircraft carriers are also deployed to the ‘Red Sea’ in the Gulf. Two days ago, this US warship had shot down missiles and drones fired by Houthi rebels in the direction of Israel.

The US warships are also deployed in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. In such a situation, China has also sent six destroyers. Like the United States, China has not announced this deployment. Rather, a Hong Kong-based Chinese newspaper made the news of this deployment public. After Western countries reacted to this, China’s embassy in the United States disclosed this deployment of its navy.

Liu Pengyu, spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, alleged that the atmosphere is unnecessarily heated due to the deployment of Chinese destroyers. This deployment of Chinese destroyers took place as per the schedule and Pengyu claimed it had no connection with the Israel-Palestine war. After this, the Chinese army made public information about the deployment of these destroyers on its website. These Chinese destroyers have been deployed in Kuwait and the Gulf of Aden.  

The United States has deployed its warships in protest against Iran and Hezbollah. There are indications of China deploying its warships in the Gulf region only after the US made the deployments and sending the message of its support behind the countries opposing Israel. China had stayed away from condemning it after Hamas attacked Israel. Israel had also expressed regret over this. Moreover, there were reports of a fatal attack on an employee of the Israeli Embassy in China. Against this background, the deployment of the Chinese navy in the Gulf region is sending completely different indications.


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