All-out war may break out between US-Israel & Iran-linked groups

- international analysts warn

All-out war may break out between US-Israel & Iran-linked groups

Jerusalem – The attacks launched by Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran-linked terrorist organisations based in Iraq-Syria for the last few days and the retaliation of Israel and the United States has created a war situation in the region. Besides, international analysts have warned that due to each attack and its counterattack, Israel, the United States, and the Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations are heading towards an all-out war. These analysts have also expressed concern that the differences between the two groups standing against each other increase regional instability.

Moreover, the horrific massacre carried out by the Hamas terrorists on October 7 in Israel can have a long-lasting impact on the region. This is because after these attacks Israel declared a war against the Hamas terrorists, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi in Yemen and the Iran-linked terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria have also leapt into the conflict against Israel. Consequently, this conflict has engulfed the entire Gulf region in just a few days. All-out war will break out between Israel, US and Iran-affiliated organizations - international analysts warnNonetheless, Lebanese analyst Qassem Qasir draws attention to the fact that the Iran-affiliated groups will not sit quietly without a strong response to the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Also, these analysts have claimed that Israel and the US will not step back without starting an all-out war.

Nevertheless, Hezbollah has not yet given a fierce response as expected to Israel’s action in Beirut last week. Due to this, a message that no power is left in Hezbollah’s hands will reach its supporters worldwide, including Lebanon, and this fear is haunting the leadership of Hezbollah. However, Israel had threatened that if Lebanon started a comprehensive war against Israel, Israel would not stop without destroying Lebanon. If this happens, this war will prove to be a nightmare for Lebanon, already surrounded by an economic crisis. At the same time, Qasir claimed that the Hezbollah leadership was worried that even the supporters of Hamas would not be ready to pay such a high price.

Meanwhile, the US wants this war even more than Israel. Therefore, according to international news agencies, the United States has made naval deployments in large numbers in the region. The US has so far responded to attacks by Iran-linked terrorist organisations based in the Red Sea, Iraq and Syria. At the same time, the news agency draws attention to the fact that the US is trying to build a group of allies in the region.




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