Israel launches fierce attacks on Rafah after rejecting US President’s ceasefire proposal

Israel launches fierce attacks on Rafah after rejecting US President’s ceasefire proposal

Tel Aviv/Washington – US President Joe Biden had given Israel a new option to prevent Israel from taking military action in Rafah, Gaza. Along with this, the head of the US intelligence agency ‘CIA’ reached Egypt with a proposal for an Israel-Hamas ceasefire. However, this US effort has failed while Israel has continued attacking Hamas positions in Rafah. Israel has also announced to take military action in this area soon. Meanwhile, Israel claims more than 30 Hamas terrorists were killed in its military action in Rafah.

Israel launches fierce attacks on Rafah after US President rejects ceasefire proposalIsrael has announced the start of military action in Rafah in the southern part of Gaza. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced to send the Palestinian refugees located in Rafah to a safe place. Israel is expressing fear that Hamas may attack the Israeli army by hiding among the Palestinian refugees. The Israeli Prime Minister has given one week to move the refugees. However, reports suggest that US President Biden is trying to pressure Israel so that it does not initiate military action in Rafah.

President Biden says Israel should avoid taking action in Rafah and attack other Hamas areas in Gaza. On the other hand, the US is also trying to get Israel to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza for 120 days. A meeting of CIA chief William Burns, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad chief David Barney and Qatar’s Foreign Minister was held in Egypt only a few hours ago over the issue. However, Israel has announced that it will not accept the demand put forward by Hamas for a 120-day ceasefire. It has dealt a blow to the US’s ongoing efforts to establish a ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel launches fierce attacks on Rafah after US President rejects ceasefire proposalAfter this, Israeli defence forces attacked Hamas positions located in different parts of Gaza. During this period, Israeli Defense Forces claimed to have killed a large number of Hamas terrorists. The Israeli Defense Forces are claiming that Hamas has suffered heavy loss of lives in central Gaza, Khan Yunis and Rafah. While carrying out this action, the Israeli Army announced it had found the whereabouts of Yahya Sinwar, the key leader of Hamas in Gaza and the mastermind of the October 7 attack on Israel.

The Israeli army has accused Sinwar of hiding in the Gaza tunnel by using the kidnapped Israeli civilians as human shields. The Israeli military said action will soon be taken against the tunnel where Sinwar is hiding. Nevertheless, the rescue and security of the abducted civilians will be considered before that, the Israeli Army said. A few days ago, news reports suggested that Yahya Sinwar had left Gaza and fled via Egypt. In this, Hamas was accused of trying to strike a deal with Israel to drive away Sinwar. However, video footage obtained by the Israeli army revealed that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is still hiding in the Gaza tunnel. Also, there are indications that action will be taken against the Hamas leader soon.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has criticised Israel for taking military action in Rafah. A senior United Nations official has reprimanded Israel, saying that Israel’s taking action in Rafah could lead to a new massacre.





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