Taliban to deploy suicide bombers on Tajikistan Border; Russia appeals Tajikistan, Taliban to avoid conflict   

Kabul/ Moscow: The Taliban plans to deploy suicide bombers on the Tajikistan border near Badakhshan province to secure the border. This is claimed to be in response to Tajikistan not recognising Taliban government. Realising the dangers, Tajikistan has increased their troop deployment in this region. Russia has expressed concern and appealed to Tajikistan and Taliban to avoid any conflicts.    

suicide bombers

After Taliban’s hostile takeover of Afghanistan, the leaders of the previous Afghan government are planning to establish a government in exile. Recently, the Afghan embassy in Switzerland declared former president Amrullah Saleh the government leader in exile. Experts have claimed that the government in exile formed by Amrullah Saleh is a threat to the Taliban.    

suicide bombers

Earlier, Taliban had dismissed the importance of government in exile. However, since the announcement, they seem to be restless. Therefore, the Taliban has vowed to teach Tajikistan a lesson that has provided asylum to leaders like Amrullah Saleh. Therefore, Taliban has plans to deploy suicide bombers on the Tajikistan border. Mullah Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Afghanistan’s north-eastern province of Badakhshan, revealed the deployment details. Ahmadi said the battalion named Lashkar-e-Mansoori, or Mansoor army capable of suicide attacks, would be deployed in huge numbers on the Tajikistan border. He credited the battalion for their success in defeating the US in Afghanistan.    

Taliban’s announcement to deploy suicide bomber battalion is shocking for everyone. Taliban supporters were backing them on their promise not to adopt any form of terrorism and having separated radical groups from themselves. However, it seems that the Mansoor army and Badri 313 are integral parts of the Taliban even today. The deployment of terrorists from notorious groups for border security to carry out such suicide attacks could concern the international community. 

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