Despite international pressure, Gaza war will continue till the destruction of Hamas

- Israeli PM

Despite international pressure, Gaza war will continue till the destruction of Hamas

Jerusalem – A ceasefire resolution against Israel was passed in the United Nations meeting. The European allies have also criticised Israel. At the same time, US President Joe Biden indicated that Israel is losing the world’s support due to the attacks on Gaza. The rest of the world looked at the stance Israel would adopt in the face of increasing international pressure. Therefore, a few hours after the US President’s statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that the military action in Gaza would not stop without the complete destruction of Hamas. Besides, the Israeli military has intensified its operations in southern Gaza and has started releasing sea water into the Hamas tunnel network.

War in Gaza will continue until destruction of Hamas.Moreover, seventy more Hamas terrorists have surrendered to the Israeli military operation in Jabalia, on the northern side of Gaza. In addition, the Israel Defense Forces have released videos and photos of the surrender of the terrorists. Also, a large number of weapons have been recovered from these terrorists. Last week, a large number of Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza surrendered before the Israel Defense Forces.

Amidst such a situation on the northern side of Gaza, the Hamas terrorists in southern Gaza responded with a strong reply to Israel. Hamas terrorists are launching rocket attacks on Israeli soldiers. At the same time, the Israeli military is tightening the siege at Khan Yunis. Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar and the main mastermind of the attacks on Israel, Daif, are also claimed to be hiding in the tunnel network of the city.

There is also a possibility that the Hamas terrorists are using civilians as shields who have been abducted in this area for their safety. War in Gaza will continue until destruction of Hamas.A total of 134 hostages are currently in Hamas custody, and 20 are feared to have died due to Hamas atrocities. Meanwhile, the United Nations has demanded the unconditional release of the abducted civilians. However, Hamas is not ready to release the abducted civilians, and due to this, concerns are being raised about their safety.

Nonetheless, Israel clarified that it will not ceasefire until all the Hamas-abducted hostages are released. Israel also made the UN aware that if a ceasefire is declared without the release of the abducted civiliansWar in Gaza will continue until destruction of Hamas., it will deliver the message that Israel has bowed down to Hamas. On the contrary, the Israeli Prime Minister adopted a clear stance that military action would continue in Gaza until the destruction of Hamas.

Meanwhile, US President Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has reached Israel and met Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Gallant has also clarified that the conflict against Hamas may take a few months to complete. At the same time, it has come to light that on October 7, Hamas terrorists used poisonous gas on the Israeli soldiers stationed at the Nahal base. Thus, Hamas can be accused of using chemical weapons against Israel.



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