UK to launch attacks on Yemen’s Houthi rebels threatening trade traffic in the Red Sea

UK to launch attacks on Yemen’s Houthi rebels threatening trade traffic in the Red Sea

London/Tehran – The UK has now taken the initiative to secure cargo ships in the Red Sea area. Besides, it has warned of direct action against the Yemeni Houthi rebels attacking cargo ships in this maritime region. Also, the UK’s Ministry of Defence shared information that it has initiated its warship to the Red Sea. The foreign ministers of the UK and Iran had a phone conversation before that. The United Kingdom had also called for Iran to use its influence to stop the ongoing Houthi attacks. However, Iran’s Foreign Minister severely criticised the UK as responsible, along with Israel, for this tension. Subsequently, the UK is claimed to have issued this warning.

Moreover, the UK’s new Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister David Cameron has begun discussions with anti-Israel countries in the last few days. Britain to attack Yemen's Houthi rebels threatening trade in Red SeaHe visited Lebanon last week and met with pro-Hezbollah leaders. A few hours earlier, Cameron spoke with Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdollahian over the phone. In addition, Cameron has called on Iran to take the initiative to stop the attacks launched by the Yemeni rebels on the merchant ships in the Red Sea region. The UK Foreign Secretary also reminded of Iran’s influence over these Yemeni rebels. For this reason, Cameron warned that if Iran does not stop the Yemeni rebels, Iran will be considered responsible for the ongoing activities of the Houthi rebels.

At the same time, Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdollahian accused the UK along with Israel of being responsible for the war in Gaza and the tension in the Red Sea. Britain to attack Yemen's Houthi rebels threatening trade in Red SeaAbdollahian also accused the Western countries of always taking a double stance against the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians and the attacks in Gaza. Nonetheless, Iran’s Foreign Minister criticised that the roots of these atrocities by Israel lie in the role adopted by the UK regarding Palestine. About an hour later, UK’s Defence Secretary Grant Shapps warned of direct attacks on Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Furthermore, the UK’s Defence Secretary warned Houthis not to misunderstand that the UK’s HMS Diamond warship will not be able to harm them. Also, he issued a warning that the UK warship will not hesitate to take direct action against the Houthi rebels to protect freedom of navigation in the Red Sea. Shapps also said that the UK will support the US for safe trade in the marine sector. The US had announced a naval alliance of allied countries to stop the rebels of Yemen. However, most countries have now withdrawn from being part of this US alliance, which is claimed to be a major setback for the Biden administration. The UK warning to the Houthi becomes more significant in such a situation.



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